The Green Man Bar

The Green Man Bar

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Our story
Brussels is an amazing city. You can find almost everything you wish, and still, one day, from his busy schedule as Dj, Andrei Stan decided to create something different. Together with his business partner Godfried, a successful business consultant, they started dreaming about creating something else, and as they both enjoyed a good beer, and a good cocktail, starting a bar just made perfect sense. A bar that would be different. We found a building right next to the most famous place in Belgium’s Grand Place, in a UNESCO protected building, with a long history, and decided that would be the perfect place for this initiative. That’s how the Green Man Bar came to life on a day in March 2019.
From the moment you step inside, you can feel you entered into another world. You will find a modern comfortable , yet cosy and intimate bar, surrounded by green, and greeted by our own Green Man!
You will be astonished by the amazing beer selection (more than 40 beers to choose from), from light blonde, to triple, dark or even black beer ! And of course, our specialties beer with Cuberdon, Wakame & Spirulina, Spicy Rhum, Wisky, Tulsi, or for the more curious ones Weed, Ganja or Cannabis beer ! (Don’t worry, it only contains the legal substances in Belgium)!
Beers wasn’t enough, we wanted to offer something even more. That’s where cocktails came in -you can always enjoy a fantastic Mojito, Negroni, Moscow Mule, Hugo, or our own The Belgian, all served in their own special glasses - and then our unique beer cocktails. Yes, you read it right, you can get some delicious cocktails in combination with the right ingredients and beer - Mojito Kriek, Raspberry Delice, Peach Julep, Smokey Faro, Cassis cooler or Apple Amaretto -!
All these carefully prepared for you by our friendly and attentive staff as well as the owners who are often working in the bar themselves to keep a close relation with its customers, and to make sure they are receiving the best possible service, and having a great time !

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