The Highlanders - Teambuilding & Incentive

The Highlanders - Teambuilding & Incentive

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The « Highland Games » are organized in each town of northern Scotland between the months of May and September. These games attract the curiosity of million peoples in kilt, and this for over 800 years.

This year, ALLELUIAS EVENTS, decided to honour the Scottish culture by proposing to you these games.

Each member of each team will get a kilt (to wear above a short) during the briefing. After this, each clan will have to find a battle cry and to wear proudly his colours.

Once each group is ready we can begin with the games… Which clan will have the needed capacities to get the victory?

Anyhow ... there can only be one winner!!

The tests:
The caber toss
Tug of rope
The Stone put
Relay race
The “Highland Dancing” contest
De bagpipe test
The swordfight (in foam)
Whisky tasting

These tests will be accompanied by bagpipe music.