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Triumph Benelux is a communication and event agency, part of Triumph Group International – a global network of companies active in event management, online and offline communications and association management. We are an expanding group and have been delivering tailor-made creative, innovative and bespoke events for almost 35 years. With more than 150 staff, Triumph Group has offices in Italy (Rome|Milan), Belgium (Brussels), the United Kingdom (London), China (Shanghai), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Hong Kong and Singapore. We are also active through partnerships in the United States (New York), Qatar (Doha) and Indonesia (Jakarta).
Triumph Benelux offers A to Z association management services. Another of our core activities is the organisation of institutional events and congresses, both live and virtual. Our clients include national and international associations, governments, corporations and private companies as well as the European institutions.
Brussels office: Contact: Dominique Dubru
Our services:
• Association Management Services
• Event Design and Management
• Sponsorship and Exhibition Management
• Press and Media Coverage/Management
• Website Design and Maintenance
• Marketing, Communication and Promotion Service
• Accommodation and Catering Support
• Strategic Advice
• Medical and pharmaceutical Congresses