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Ecco la Luna Ecco la Luna Ecco la Luna Ecco la Luna Ecco la Luna

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Whether it concerns team buildings, events, learning or leisure, Ecco La Luna always offers a safe framework. A framework through which we challenge every participant - among colleagues - to show their personality and to deploy their skills. We put participants and teams to work in a creative, playful and often very simple way. Our formats are feasible for everyone regardless of age, gender, cultural background, physical condition... Some examples: 2CV tours, tablet city games, mobile Escape Boxes, Beyond Limits, Domino Experience, Team Robinson and various workshops.
With a multilingual crew and a down-to-earth approach, we organise 350 events every year and try to create a unique experience for every customer. This with our own unique formats anywhere in Belgium or Europe. We wish to create a lasting impact, in which the fun aspect is undeniably very important.
In order to respond to the challenging times that the covid-19 pandemic brought along, we also developed a varied and even more challenging online team building offer.

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