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You are planning to organise a meeting in Brussels and you’re still looking for the activity that will help the participants discover the city in a fresh and innovative way? Wannapplay offers: Tablets containing ‘serious gaming’ software dedicated to a professional audience. To transform Brussels and/or your venue into a playground! A tailor-made itinerary, starting from your meeting location and running all the way up to the place you have chosen for dinner. An informative, interactive and challenging content. The participants will be able to unlock challenges as soon as they reach within a 20 meter radius an activity spot on the map displayed on their tablet. They are of various types: take a picture or shoot a video, answer questions, interview passers-by, do a beer or chocolate tasting… A limited or total customisation of your training. We can personalise 100% of the content in order to fit the needs of your coaching session. If you’re looking for a classical treasure hunt, you’ll be surprised, because we reinvented it!

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