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Are you planning a meeting in Brussels in the near future and would like to take advantage of it to carry out an activity for your teams or colleagues?
Wannapplay offers you 15 team building concepts and works on customized pitch as well. The agency has developped 4 remote teambuilding activities, 100% covid proof!
Urban rallies, escape games for up to 150 participants, collaborative virtual reality games, co-creation activities, quizzes during your business meals, etc
Wannapplay is at your service to offer you the opportunity to discover the city in a playful, interactive and funny way. During a city play, the must-see in Brussels will be reviewed via our mobile application. We can adapt the content of our courses to your group.
Wannapplay won an award from the Brussels Enterprise Agency (HUB.brussels) in 2019, a testament to its professionalism and the quality of its know-how.

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