• Food & War. Culinary History of the Great War

    Since its renovation in 2008, the Evere Windmill, now the Brussels Mill and Food Museum (MBMA), offers a new temporary exhibition each year on a theme pertaining to food history. During the 2015-2016 season as part of the centennial commemorations of the First World War, the museum discussed food challenges during the First World War with "Food & War: Culinary History of the Great War." As part of this exhibition, various culinary workshops were offered to the public to help them rediscover certain recipes typical of that period during which people had to demonstrate their creativity by devising dishes that were both economical and nutritious, if not always appetizing.

  • Exhibition "Frank Pé or the Passions of a Faun"

    The faun was a Roman woodland god who has evolved in the mythology of modern society into an important medium between humans and nature…like Frank Pé. This author is not only a fan of the forms and colours that surround us, but also an admirer of Franquin, Follet and Mucha. Frank Pé is the particularly talented creator of stories and images, who for years only signed his works with his first name. He unites emotion and nature harmoniously in Ragebol and Zoo. 2016 was a busy year for new publications for Frank Pé, topped by his new album about the adventures of Robbedoes and Kwabbernoot.

    In figures: 60,000 visitors, 80% visitors from outside Belgium, over 300 originals, plates, illustrations, pictures and frescos…

  • Ukiyo-e - The most beautiful Japanese prints

    Accessible since 21 October 2016 at the Cinquantenaire Museum, this highly anticipated event lets visitors explore the Cinquantenaire Museum's extraordinary collection of prints, which are world-renowned due to their exemplary quality but have not been on public display since Europalia Japan (1989). In this way the exhibition recounts the evolution of prints from its early black and white days through its new flowering in the Twentieth Century, while also highlighting certain specific themes such as erotic prints or even Osaka's refined production. At the end of the exhibition, a space dedicated to the work of Belgian illustrator Dimitri Piot whose creations reinterpret the ukiyo-e world with a modern twist.

    A few facts and figures: 40,000 visitors between October 2016 and January 2017, 1,418 visitors for the 17 November 2016 evening event, 400 Japanese prints drawn from the collection's 7,500 prints…

  • Jews in a Muslim Land

    Moroccan history embodies an exceptional case of Judeo-Muslim togetherness. Present for more than two thousand years, Jewish and Muslims have lived side by side for centuries. Through forty never-before-seen photos taken by Aron Zede Schulmann in the early 1950s, the exhibition reveals the objects, customs, and traditions of these men and women. These black and white photos are enlivened with unique pieces from the Dahan-Hirsch Collection: jewellery, costumes, prayer books, ritual objects conveying the interconnectedness of Jewish and Muslim cultures in North Africa. These texts are the fruit of work done by students at Lycée Guy Cudell in St. Josse. They extended the original subject by focusing on relations between Jews and Muslims from the birth of Islam through the decline of the Ottoman Empire. This exhibition was admired as part of the European Day of Jewish Culture and drew nearly 2,000 people in one day, benefiting from the impact of domestic and international media, mainly in North African countries.

  • P(ART)cours / Par(KUNST) 2016 - Open air contemporary art biennial

    The non-profit association Wolu-Animations and the Commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, in conjunction with the Lieux-Communs association and in partnership with the Communes of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and Auderghem held a unique exhibition in Brussels from 17 April through 17 July 2016 in Woluwe Park, Malou Park, and the Promenade Verte: P(ART)cours / Par(KUNST), - Open air contemporary art biennial P(ART)cours / Par(KUNST) 2016 offered a large audience a life-size contemporary art experience! Twenty-nine artists from seven different countries covered this remarkable course through their works. Below the Guy Malevez police station, this artistic event invited the strolling visitor to take a new look at these altered surroundings. Sculptures and open air structures heightened the nearly seven-kilometer route by creating a poetic dialogue with the environment. Fully committed to practices combining art, nature, and civility, this edition acquainted the public with contemporary art.

    A few facts and figures: seven-kilometre route, 29 artists, seven nationalities, 20 guided tours, media impact: Le Soir, La Libre, La Capitale, La DH, Le Vif, Knack, Deze Week, RTBF, Vivacité, Bel RTL, BX1, etc.

  • Bruegel. Unseen Masterpieces

    Bruegel. Unseen Masterpieces reveals the hidden secrets of Pieter Bruegel the Elder's works to the public († Bruxelles, 1569). Although the painter and his paintings are world renowned, each of his compositions still contains a multitude of familiar and unusual characters, stories in History that are as many masterpieces to unveil. Through a wide array of experiences accessible online and onsite, this new initiative offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in Bruegel's paintings by accessing the minute details of each painting as well as expert knowledge. The Belgian Royal Museums of Fine Arts initiated this event with Google's Cultural Institute in anticipation of the 450th anniversary of Bruegel's death in 2019. This innovative project brings together prestigious international museums, mainly from Europe, around the figure of Bruegel. It is the embodiment of deep reflection on the ongoing changes in the domain of museology in the digital era. Brugel virtual exhibitions. Unseen Masterpieces can be discovered on the interactive stations of the Belgian Royal Museums of Fine Arts on their mobile application and on Google's Cultural Institute platform.


    26.10.2016 – 05.03.2017

    Considered to be one of the most significant painters of the Twentieth Century, the Spanish artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881 - 1973) also created sculptures throughout his life that were as innovative as they were influential. After New York's MoMA and the National Picasso Museum in Paris, BOZAR is assembling 80 of Picasso's sculptures and presenting a retrospective of his sculptures for the first time in Belgium. Following a chronological and thematic path developed in collaboration with the National Picasso Museum of Paris, the artist's sculptures engage with twenty of his paintings, fifteen ceramics, and art objects from non-European cultures from his personal collection. Though Picasso will always remain the prolific and brilliant painter, Picasso. Sculptures reveal Picasso as a sculptor who invented some of the most radical forms in modern sculpture.

    A few facts and figures: 60,000 visitors since it opened, 214 articles in the domestic and international press, €225,000 investment...