• Droh!me Pop Up Village

    In the heart of Brussels, in an exceptional green space located on the site of the former Uccle-Boitsfort Hippodrome, Droh!me is now offering a number of out-of-the-ordinary leased spaces in its Pop-Up village. Entirely restored on the outside and with a plain finish on the inside, the Grande Tribune and Pesage offer some surprising indoor and outdoor spaces, a covered outdoor space, a rooftop with an unobstructed view over the Forêt de Soignes and an exceptional marquee of over 500m2. Droh!me Pop-Up Village is the ideal location for your team-building sessions, dining, cocktail parties and events of all types.

    Some figures: an exceptional 500m2 marquee, under renovation since 2014, more than 1,500m2 of available space and a 1,600m racecourse.

  • La Madeleine

    The Madeleine hall, already well known to Brussels residents, is a special place in Brussels. Originally a covered market in the 19thcentury, then a community centre for the City of Brussels, it also housed the Brussels Casino during the first years it was open. Its architecture is also unique. The intact facade of the covered market conceals large doors opening directly into the event space. This new cultural site right in the heart of the City represents a new life for a hall whose authenticity and character make it unique.

    A few facts and figures: seating for up to 630 people and standing room for 1,000, revamping work took about six months, since February 2016 : 35 public concerts, ten showcases, ten private events.

  • The Experience Floor – at Hotel BLOOM!

    The Experience Floor is a multifunctional meeting and events location. It’s a space that proposes an experience that is anything but ordinary and offers three different flexible spaces: INSPIRE, INTO THE BOX and OUT OF THE BOX. The vibe at Hotel BLOOM inspires business meeting guests and helps them to reach out and go beyond their objectives. Those flexible spaces feature the largest screen seen so far in a hotel in Brussels, a full sound system and a 145m2 fresco hand-painted by two graduate students of the Brussels Royal Academy of Art. The fresco depicts the rich history of Art Nouveau in Brussels.

    Some figures: 46 events hosted since its opening in September 2016, 77% occupation rate for the EXPERIENCE FLOOR since its opening, 200 to 300 participants booked for the first half of 2017, including 4 or 5 international companies

  • Horta Museum – Museum annex opening

    On 20 October 2016 the Horta Museum opened a new annex in the house (constructed in 1900 by Brungfaut) adjacent to the Horta House This new project has been made possible with the assistance of Beliris under the supervision of architect Eric Gillis (Ozon architecture). This superb annex gives new life to the museum in three respects, starting with new exhibition space: for the opening ceremony, five artists were invited to discuss the Horta's heritage through various media. These spaces will host two major exhibitions per year in future: one for Art Nouveau or Art Deco, the other for Contemporary Design. This annex also makes it possible to open the entire Horta House to the public with its kitchen and stairways among other things. Finally, the public will be able to learn more about Art Nouveau in Europe and Horta thanks to the library and the archives within.

  • Saunaland (Océade)

    Finally a little time to yourself! Relaaax! Reserved for adults to ensure peace and quiet, Saunaland has been completely renovated and has become a magical relaxation spot at Océade. Saunaland is equipped with no less than three ultra-modern saunas, each offering a different temperature to suit everyone's mood. Saunaland also offers a large Turkish steam room, a jacuzzi, an ice bath, showers, a footbath, and a pleasant garden. Access to Saunaland is included in Océade's price of admission which constitutes the widest variety of amenities within the same water park anywhere.

    A few facts and figures: €450,000 invested, 50,000 international visitors per year...

  • Art and Design Atomium Museum (ADAM)

    A museum and an art centre, the Art & Design Atomium Museum (ADAM) is a site dedicated to art and design of the 20thcentury and today. Opened after the Atomium's acquisition of the Plasticarium's collection in December 2014, ADAM presents the use of plastics in artistic endeavours from the 1950s to today as a permanent exhibition. Adjacent to the large space dedicated to the Plasticarium collection, nearly 1,200 m² are earmarked to host temporary exhibitions, spotlighting important subjects and artists in design, photography, and contemporary art. ADAM is also a 400-seat auditorium, an educational and cultural service offering programming for children, teenagers, and school groups, as well as a conference and film schedule related to the topics addressed.

    A few facts and figures: 30,000 visitors, collections of more than 2,000 objects, 2,500 m² of exhibition space (temporary and permanent) etc.