Who ?

The contest is open to all organisations or professional groups whose headquarters are in Brussels, whatever their legal form or size. This includes the following: non-profit organizations; ad-hoc associations, cooperatives, foundations, public companies, private enterprises, etc. Individuals cannot take part in the contest.

To be submitted, the project must respond to those few criteria:

    • The project must have taken place in Brussels and be linked with the Brussels tourism, hotel, event, cultural, congress or gastronomical sectors.
    • A project entered into the Awards must have taken place at least once in 2016 or have started between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016, and it must still exist
    • The same project cannot be entered for more than one category.
    • To enter, a project may not have received an Award in one of the three preceding editions of the visit.brussels Awards.
    • A project that was entered into one of the preceding editions but not elected can be entered again if it has changed significantly since last time and otherwise meets the criteria for selection.