Cosplay Contest, comic book improvisation shows, guided tours, kiddie land, workshops, and demonstrations. There is something for all ages and interests.

  • Atelier 24 (FR-NL-EN)

    Atelier 24 will give you a colourful weekend experience at the Comic Strip Festival!

    Discover how to create a comic character drawing inspiration from the persons and objects that surround you, learn to tell your funny stories in just a few bubbles, or to create your own caricature portraits. In a great number of workshops, participate in an exquisite cadaver, attend drawing combats and choose the winner, or take part in a cartoon quiz and win prizes! Click here for the timetable!

    Giant Mural by Frank Pé (FR-NL-EN)

    Frank Pé, from whom a big retrospective « Frank Pé or the The Passions of a Faun » is to discover in the Comics Art Museum until 4th September, create a 10-metre mural before your very eyes (and to announce his cover of Spirou & Fantasio in October), over the three days of the festival. Find him inside the Comixothek to attend the creation of this monumental work and see the final result on Sunday afternoon!

    Macadam Valley (FR-EN)

    Macadam Valley, alias Ben Dessy, gives us the chance to get to grips with the techniques of drawing, cutting and narrating, so that we can create our own cartoon! Ben Dessy is 28, and he studied comics at the Erg. Winner of the Golden Blog Award in 2012 for his blog, he is now the author of two tomes of “Macadam Valley” and of “Hors d'Oeuvre” which was released by publisher Même Pas Mal. 


    • Friday 16:00-18:00
    • Saturday and Sunday 10:30-12:30, 13:30-15:30 & 16:00-18:00 

    « DESSINE MOI UNE IMPRO » - a performance by the Ligue d’Impro and the artists from Quebec! (FR-NL)

    This performance by the Ligue d’Impro is an invitation on a journey into the imagination. A world in which spectators of any age can interact with the story that is made up before their eyes. Amusing and poetic, this performance combines the talent of the illustrator with that of improvising comedians from the Ligue d’Impro. The pencils bring the sets and the characters to life, so the actors become one with the drawing. 

    Schedule :

    • Saturday : 14:00
    • Sunday : 17:00

    Retroludix (FR-NL-EN)

    The great popularity of comic strip heroes with young people, whether they be European, American, or Japanese, has always inspired numerous video game adaptations. The "Retroludix" Association offers you the chance to pick up a joystick at their stand and get acquainted with these "comic games" and take a nostalgic journey back to the 1980s and 1990s.

    International Pavilion (FR-EN)

    Quebec, the guest of honour at the Comic Strip Festival 2016, proposes a full round-table and workshop programme to find out about Quebec cartoonists. Come and attend and take part for free! But that's not all as many countries taking part in the international pavilion are offering workshops and entertainments throughout the three days of the festival: come to the stands of the EUNIC, Czech Republic, China, the Lab619 group (Tunisia), the EPAC...

    More details on the "International Pavilion" page

    70th anniversary of Lombard (FR)

    Lombard celebrates its 70th birthday! For the occasion, the famous publishing house pulls out all the stops and offers a number of entertainments for all! A class given by the Latouche institute, a plunge into the Second World War Resistance or a lesson in drawing smurfily well.....the youngest participants will be able to attend a class where they basically learn through laughter! But the big kids won't miss out as they will be able to participate in drawing events, giant Pictionary games, launch angry birds, attend animated conferences with gift prizes!

    Spirou Festival (FR)

    The Spirou Festival has been investing in the Comic Strip Festival for 3 years now. On the programme of this great gathering of fans of SPIROU and the Dupuis comic strips is everything that has made previous years such a success (but with more floor space), with signings, interviews and entertainment from the platform, live drawing sessions with portraits by Bercovici and workshops for children and toddlers. There will also be exclusive photo sessions based on your favourite series, a show by the Mastodonte workshop, masterclasses, a sneak preview presented by Arthur de Pins himself of scenes from the animated film Zombillénium

    Sky High Survival (FR-NL-EN)

    Get ready to make a big jump with Éditions Kana: the exclusive "Sky High Survival" activity (drawing inspiration from the Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba mangas), challenges your agility with an inflatable structure over 6 meters' high! 

    Comic strip workshops with Bruno Bertin

    Bruno Bertin, author of The Adventures of Vick and Vicky will transport young and old alike into the comic strip universe. Twice a day for one hour, Bruno Bertin will cover the steps involved in comic strip production using the famous comic strip heroes "Vick and Vicky" at the Editions P'tit Louis booth. You can explore the exhibition which explains all the steps that go into making a comic strip from A to Z.

    Belgotaku (FR)

    Since 2009, the Belgotaku community has been a place for fans of manga, video games, music and Asian culture to meet and share their passion. Belgotaku sets up at the Comic Strip Festival to display this amazing world to everybody: go on a search for clues in the Comic Strip Festival's marquees for a manga treasure hunt. Find several manga works on display in the marquees or introduce yourself to manga by sitting in the reading corner and taking part in the drawing workshops provided by Belgotaku!​

    Kids Zone (FR-NL-EN)

    Come and participate to fun and creative activities for children: Make-up, fancy hairstyles and « skinjacking » workshops, comic strip-photowall and even bouncy castles like the « Sky-high survival »… Something for everyone!

    • Association Skinjackin Bordeaux : workshop « skinJackids »
    • Kana : bouncy castles « Sky-high survival »
    • Pré en Bulle : fancy hairstyles workshop
    • Brussels-Capital Region : bouncy castles
    • Springbeest : Make-up workshop and comic strip-photowall

    Schedule :

    • Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00
    • Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00