9th Art Gallery : Homage to Pepperland (FR-NL)

Homage to Pepperland – Tania’s cats

On 11 May 1970, not far from here, at 47 rue de Namur, an unusual-for-Brussels bookstore opened its doors specialising in Sci-Fi and comics, particularly comics for grown-ups. It took a woman to dream up and produce such a thing: Tania. She was the one who brought Barbarella, the new Jean-Claude Forest comic, to Brussels, along with Pravda, in over-drive from Peellaert, for example, as well as Echo of the Savannas or Moebius and Druiller. She even went into publishing, with F’Murrr or Tardi, without forgetting the first album from a young newcomer: Benoit Sokal and his Inspector Canardo.

On top of all this, Tania also loved cats. So, the comic-strippers drew cats for her, hundreds of cats! The 9th Gallery presents only some of them, because Veeweyde would be jealous if we showed you all of them!