Conferences (FR-NL-EN)

As usual, the Comic Strip Festival will showcase the international, aesthetic, historic and societal dimensions of the 9th art through lectures and roundtables under the tent. This year, the Comic Strip Festival proposes a double cycle of lectures that will feature knowledge and travel, so that everyone can discover the many and varied facets of this art :

  • “Comic Strips Around the World”: Quebec is the guest of honour this year, and the participants at the International Pavilion will take you on a journey to the four corners of the world through debates, roundtables and presentations.
  • “When Comic Strips Become Teachers”: comics can be a formidable teaching tool. Through lectures and roundtables, several creators and specialists will show you how comic strips can make societal and scientific themes accessible to everybody.

  • Program :

    Friday 2 September

    4:30 p.m. - from Plato to Pluto

    'The Eight O'clock Suburbs' is a comic strip based on Jerome Berthaut's thesis of the same name on the production of television news reports about the suburbs. But adapting a university thesis to a comic strip is not so simple. How does one construct a narrative that is appealing while juggling concepts, analyses, figures? It's quite a challenge for the author.

    Helkarava - 30'

    5:30 p.m. - current trends in European comics

    This round table brings together cartoonists and specialists from five European countries to introduce the most popular comics from their respective countries.

    Antal Bayer, Eszter Komornik, Mari Laaniste, Alain Servantie, Mihai Grajdeanu & Agata Wawryniuk - 60'

    Saturday 3 September

    11:15 a.m. - Venice, yesterday and today, in comics

    To create their series Marina, Matteo Alemanno and Zidrou asked themselves the following question: can we represent Venice, jewel of history and architecture, in comic form? Based on historical, literary and film resources, these two authors have set their Venice in the 14th  and 21st centuries to present the adventures of an intrepid young heroine, Marina.

    Matteo Alemanno, Zidrou - 45'

    12:30 p.m. - Everyday life as a comic strip

    Designers and authors from six countries will discuss their documentary and autobiographical comics, as well as opportunities for self-expression and participation in social dialogue through graphic narrative in their respective countries.

    Alain Servantie, Antal Bayer, Joonas Sildre, Agata Wawryniuk, Mihai Grajdeanu, Marko Armspach - 60'

    2.00 p.m. - “DESSINE MOI UNE IMPRO” (Special KIDS!)

    A performance by the Ligue d’Impro with the illustrator from Quebec.

    3:30 p.m. - Comics of Quebec

    Relying on a growing community of authors, very dynamic editors and a great deal of creative diversity, Quebec has carved out a respectable niche for itself in the realm of the Ninth Art. With authors Michel Rabagliati and Delaf & Dubuc, as well as specialist Sylvain Lemay, come and learn a bit more about these comics at the crossroads of European and American culture.

    Michel Rabagliati, Delaf & Dubuc, and Sylvain Lemay - 45'

    4:45 p.m. - It's time we talked about female genital mutilation.

    The album A Little Part of Them tells the story of Antoinette, mother of little Marie-Léontine, who harbours the painful memories of her mutilation. To take on this challenging taboo topic, the non-profit group GAMS Belgium (Genital Mutilation Abolition Group) will join screenwriter Zidrou for a hard look at the subject of female circumcision.

    Zidrou, GAMS Association - 45'

    6:00 p.m. - 'The Fantastic Parliament', a crossmedia project to raise awareness among the younger generation

    Heroine Zephyrinus Tinguely guides us through 14 illustrated fantasy stories and just as many pages of games. But what realities are hidden behind her departed grandfather's writings? Mathias Dessimoz, from the professional school of contemporary arts (EPAC), and Marie-José Portmann, spokesperson for the Swiss Parliament Services, let us in on the secrets of the crossmedia album 'The Fantastic Parliament'.

    Mathias Dessimoz & Marie-José Portmann - 45'

    Sunday 4 September

    10:30 a.m. - Taboos and censorship in comics

    Pascal Croci, screenwriter and self-taught artist, has earned critical acclaim for Auschwitz, a documentary comic which received the National Assembly's Youth Prize in 2000. Through his work Pascal Croci does not attempt to recap the 'final solution', but wishes to raise awareness in later generations about the duty of remembrance.

    Pascal Croci - 45'

    11:45 a.m. - How to create a French-style manga

    Discover the world of manga and its French offshoot with Elsa Brants, author of Save Me Pythia, in the realm of Greek Mythology; and Guillaume Lapeyre and Sylvain dos Santos, authors of Booksterz, a manga which revisits the literary classics (from Kana Publishing).

    Elsa Brants, Guillaume Lapeyre, Sylvain dos Santos - 45'

    1:00 p.m. - edition lidu Publishing presents Scrollino, a revolutionary comic/book concept

    Specializing in picture books, edition lidu encourages artists and authors from all walks of life and offers books in French, English, Czech, and other languages, always offering readers a unique experience. Guests of this conference will include Ludmila and Sylvain Favardin, the artist-author founders of edition lidu and originators of a revolutionary publishing concept, the Scrollino, which will be presented.

    Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin - 30'

    2:00 p.m. –  Transatlantic Collaboration

    With so much collaboration in art and publishing, big names in Quebecois comics are developing more and more links with Europe. In the company of Quebecois writers Djief and Tristan Demers, Brussels author Alcante and publisher Dimitri Kennes, come and discover the projects and initiatives resulting from these enriching exchanges.

    Djief, Tristan Demers, Alcante, and Dimitri Kennes - 45'

    3.30 p.m. - Groom: Spirou talks current events

    In an ultra-connected world where children wade through conflicting information, putting the news into perspective becomes a necessity to avoid any confusion. That's the mission that Groom, Dupuis Publishing's new magazine, takes on! To mark the release of Groom's second issue, devoted to the challenge of social media, Damien Perez, Benoit Feroumont, and Sti will talk to you about their approach to making news more accessible.

    Damien Perez, Benoit Rajesh, and Sti  – 60’

    17.00 p.m. - “DESSINE MOI UNE IMPRO”

    A performance by the Ligue d’Impro with the illustrator from Quebec.