Accessibility to persons with reduced mobility

Thanks to the collaboration of the National Housing Association for Persons with Disabilities (ANLH), the degree of accessibility for persons with reduced mobility is indicated beside each site included in the programme. This accessibility survey was conducted on the basis of data supplied by the managers of the sites and has been verified by a member of the association.

It should be noted that outside sites and those undergoing work were not covered by this survey, as well as places for which insufficient data were provided.

The accessibility of the sites is indicated, according to the criteria and standards decreed in Brussels-Capital Region, by the following logos:

 sufficient conditions have been met for the independence of persons in wheelchairs (manual or electric)
 the assistance of a third party is required for comfortable movement and use of the site.
 presence of stairs or unavoidable obstacles


The accessibility criteria only relate to visits during Heritage Days. They are not necessarily valid during normal use of the buildings.


Further information about this study can be obtained from the ANLH :