I, Gustave

A family-oriented exhibition to explore the enchanting world of Brussels architect Gustave Strauven

Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek native Gustave Strauven is a character who’s worth the detour. Bold, masterful and, from time to time, whimsical, he was the architect for some sixty buildings in Brussels. These include several masterpieces that make tour operators very happy. Let he who has not gone into raptures before the famous Saint Cyr house cast the first stone! Yes, this unconventional work is one of Gustave Strauven’s pieces. However, the architect also designed more modest houses which can be easily identified in the street after a little bit of fun practice.

This fun exhibition gives you the chance to get inside the mind of the great Strauven. Gustave the bold will introduce you to his repertoire of materials and the unlikely combinations he came up with. Gustave the masterful will show you the extent of his vocabulary, before the colourist comes on stage to amaze you with his palette. The composer will draw you into the third dimension that brings his façades to life. The charmer will challenge you, shhh!

Why not come to Halles Saint-Géry/Sint-Gorikshallen and seek out those small details that make all the difference.

Exhibition with free admission from 9 September to 28 November 2016, every day from 10h00 to 18h00, in the mezzanine of Halles Saint-Géry/Sint-Gorikshallen, Place Saint-Géry/Sint-Goriksplein, Brussels.

Organisation: Association pour l’Étude du Bâti (APEB), with the support of the Department of Monuments and Sites of the Brussels-Capital Region.