Brussels: a safe haven ?

What?  To leave one’s homeland is never easy. It means being torn away from one’s family, landmarks, culture and lifestyle. Whatever the reasons to leave may have been, each emigrant leaves their comfort zone in the hope of a better future. A greener land, where they will find work, safety and a fresh new start.

Belgium has become a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of emigrants who have come alone or with their families, for economic, social or political reasons. What made them leave? Why did they choose Belgium? How were they welcomed? How were their first months and years in the country? How did migratory policy evolve along the years?

This exhibition will trace the successive waves of immigration in Belgium from the dawn of the twentieth century until today. Considering the news, the topic is crucially relevant: Europe is currently facing the largest migratory crisis since the Second World War. Therefore, it is essential to freshen up memories and to dive into the migratory past of Belgium.

When?  15-09-2017 until 21-01-2018
Where?  Anciens Etablissements Vanderborght