• 1. Amitié Sans Frontières/Vriendschap Zonder Grenzen - Friday breakfasts in front of the Immigration Office :

    Since the start of the refugee crisis and the installation of Maximilien Camp in the summer of 2015 and continuing today, volunteers from all over the country have come together under the "Amitié Sans Frontières" banner and organised a breakfast for refugees every Friday morning as they line up at the Immigration Office.

  • 2. Brussels Studies Institute - Brussels Academy:

    The Brussels Academy is a citizens' urban university which strives to organise multiple activities (courses, workshops, discussions, etc.) in French, Dutch, and English to create a true platform of shared knowledge and vision. Inclusive, free, and diverse, our activities contribute to the reinforcement of civic-mindedness and engagement for the future of Brussels. Our motto: "Faire ville ensemble, Samen stad maken, making the city together".

    Site: http://www.brusselsacademy.be

  • 3. Bruxelles Nous Appartient - Bruxelles Nous Appartient/Brussel Behoort Ons Toe :

    BNA is building a history of Brussels by collecting sound recordings of residents' stories. These stories are combined and made public in living archives. These stories combine to form an unprecedented history of the city, by the city. This organic and polyphonic biography of Brussels is actively used in various productions. New images of Brussels, a city closely linked to its residents, emerge.

    Site: http://www.bna-bbot.be

  • 4. BruxSail asbl – “Naviguons Ensemble Vers Un Avenir Meilleur” :

    The BruxSail non-profit organisation was created by former elite athletes from diverse Brussels backgrounds who love their Region and are passionate about nautical sport (Belgian, European, and World Championships, olympic training, etc.).

    One of BruxSail's objectives is to get young people to set a course for their own lives and to pass on the fundamental values of this extraordinary discipline while giving them an enriching human experience.

    Making sailing more accessible to Brussels area youth regardless of race, religion, gender, or social class is one of the philosophies we pursue so that we can attract as many people as possible to the field.

    Over the last three years, we have had the opportunity to initiate more than 700 Brussels area young people into sailing with openness and sharing as our watchwords.

    As Tabarly said, "You can't hide in the sea": Bruxsail departs from traditional sailing school practice by using sailing and its formidable pedagogical leverage as a tool of integration and cohesion.

    Site: http://www.bruxsail.com


  • 5. Commonplaces - Be Arty, Be Diversity, Be Brussels:

    Be Arty, Be Diversity, Be Brussels is an associative initiative launched in 2013 by non-profit organisation Commonplaces. Each year it makes its presence felt through events like artistic exhibitions and workshops throughout the Brussels-Capital Region. Art is our tool and our passion, and its symbolic power allows us to promote a message of living together, equality, and fairness among human beings.

    Site: http://www.commonplacesartgallery.com

  • 6. Coordination HoLeBi Bruxelles (CHB) - Rainbows United :

    The "Rainbows United" project is an initiative that welcomes, supports, informs, and raises awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex asylum-seekers. The project is free on a voluntary basis.

    Site: http://rainbowhouse.be/evenements/rainbow-united/

  • 7. Les Gazelles de Bruxelles - Out of the starting blocks: The Gazelles of Brussels :

    Les Gazelles de Bruxelles is a social sports organisation supporting the underprivileged through jogging. Weekly trainings lead to an increased sense of value, body image and confidence among participants: from 'yes we can run' to 'yes we can...' we try to achieve a social and cultural environment where sport helps to create connections and exchanges. In doing so, we build bridges between the underprivileged and the more privileged.

    Site: http://www.lesgazellesdebruxelles.be

  • 8. Medex (musée éphémère de l'exil) - Musée éphémère de l'exil :

    In October 2014 we founded a temporary museum that travels and shares the personal stories of those who have been forced to migrate by highlighting their stories through art distilled in different forms (performances, poetry, illustration, writing, music, video, theatre). People get acquainted with one another through writing workshops and reflecting together about the creation of an interactive exhibition.

    Site: http://www.medexmuseum.com

  • 9. Organisation internationale pour la réussite & le développement - Une étoile, un Destin :

    "Une étoile, un Destin" is a vehicle to fight against failure that unites all educational and social actors of diversity with school children or Brussels associations around a motivating and rewarding dynamic in the spotlight. At the end of the project, the diverse group of young people host big names and famous faces at a conference (exchange and discussion).

    Site: http://www.oird.org/poles/une-etoile-un-destin/

  • 10. Pianofabriek citylab - Citylab in Superdiversiteit :


    - Has served as an urban incubator for young and diverse Brussels talent and supports hybrid spaces in which art, activism, politics and culture become one.

    - By bridging gaps between people, it contributes to an open, learning society founded on solidarity, in which every citizen can find and renegotiate his own role.

    - Arose from the piano factory’s diversity function and was transformed from a programme for diverse groups into a programme by diverse groups.

    - Has an urban focus and supports young creatives with intercultural roots and ties to the (in)formal Brussels artistic and cultural scene.

    Site: https://www.facebook.com/pianofabriek.culturencentrum/

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