4 Bruegel-themed guided tours

In 2019 it will have been 450 years since Bruegel died in Brussels – follow the guide!

  • Brussels at the time of the Bruegel dynasty

    Choose a walk through the city centre, by the places where Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his sons lived, worked, gathered and met their friends and past the institutions and buildings where their work hangs. From the Oldmasters Museum, past the Sablon and the Royal district (with a nod to those who were contemporaries, friends and clients) to the Marolles, past the Teniers- and the ‘so-called Bruegel house’ (facade), on to Chapel Church and Bruegel’s grave and then the Bruegel monument by Tom Frantzen. Learn about Bruegel, his role in society and as a source of inspiration for other artists.

    Organiser: non-profit Culturama
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    Booking: culturama@telenet.be
    Website: www.culturamavzw.be
    Price: €150 for a group of up to 22 people per guide
    No museum or exhibition visits included.
    Duration: 2h30
    Languages: French, Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Japanese or bilingual (French and Dutch)

  • Bruegel and the Spanish Habsburg Netherlands era (including a museum visit, and visit of the Coudenberg archaeological site)

    Visit the Coudenberg archaeological site with a guide who tells you the story of this castle that was built in upper Brussels in the 12th century. It was one of Europe’s richest and most beautiful palaces, surrounded by an impressive park. The nobility came to live in the vicinity of the castle, and were joined by diplomats, ambassadors, artists, scholars and civil servants from various different central institutions. The castle was beautifully furnished with tapestries and art, housed the treasures of the Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece, and was the site of historical festivities and events with far-reaching consequences. Charles V, on whose empire the sun never set, his successor Philip II and the Archdukes Albert and Isabella all resided at Coudenberg. And it was during this era and in this district that Bruegel settled, found clients and produced his masterpieces.

    Organiser: non-profit Culturama
    Tel: +32 2 569 27 74
    Booking: culturama@telenet.be
    Website: www.culturamavzw.be
    Price: €115 for a group of up to 16 people per guide
    Entry ticket to the Coudenberg site are not included
    Duration: 2 hours
    Languages: French, Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Japanese or bilingual (French and Dutch)

  • Bruegel’s view of the world... and the lives of his contemporaries!

    On this delicious guided tour (tour and dinner) we observe Brussels now through the eyes Bruegel in his era. Culinary, historical and anecdotal facts illustrate the countless contrasts – from almost unsolvable problems to funny situations – that make Brussels the captivating, unique, and yes, surreal city it is today.

    Bruegel’s strength was that he cast a loving glance over humanity, with all its flaws (see Netherlandish Proverbs, The Fall of Icarus, The Tower of Babel, etc.). His paintings speak a language that is still understood today as it was back then. He gave colour and form to popular themes, drew and painted the world around him in a realistic way and gave us an idea of what was important economically, socially in those days (the contrast between rich and poor, young and old, sick and healthy, the difficult coexistence of different languages and religions, etc.). His work makes us realise that, all in all, not that much has changed.

    Organiser: Q-rius to taste
    Tel: +32 16 25 09 12
    Booking: info@q-rius.be
    Website: www.q-rius.be
    Price: from €68 (VAT not included) per person for a group of at least 12, maximum 25 people per guide
    Included in the price: the guide, starter, main course, coffee or tea dessert with drinks for each course (1 drink per course)
    Duration: 4 hours
    Languages: French, Dutch, German and English
    A shorter package is also available: from €26 VAT not included. Included in the price: 2h30 guided tour, praline, a drink.

  • In the footsteps of Pieter Bruegel the Elder

    Around 1563 Pieter Bruegel moved from Antwerp to Brussels where he died in 1569. He was buried in Chapel church. The guide will lead you through the Marolles, the neighbourhood where Pieter Bruegel lived the last few years of his life. They were the days of Andreas Vesalius, iconoclasm and the terrible rule of the Duke of Alba. Bruegel often left Brussels for the Pajottenland where he drew the inspiration for some of his most famous canvases. After a visit to the house he may have lived in and Chapel Church, you make your way towards the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. There you will get a more detailed explanation of some of Bruegel’s finest pieces.

    Organiser: Gidsen Brussel België (GBB)
    Tel: +32 477 02 02 30
    Booking: guides@guidesbrussels.be
    Website: www.guidesbrussels.be
    Price: €150 for a group of up to 25 people per guide
    Entry to the museum not included
    Duration: 3 hours
    Languages: French, Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Polish and Russian
    It is possible to choose a package that includes a visit of the museum: 6 hours