5 activities for a rainy day in Brussels

5 activities for a rainy day in Brussels

You had planned an excursion but the heavens have opened? Then you need a backup plan! 

Do you feel like walking around the centre with friends but rather than planning a nice stroll you find yourself desperately peering out of the window, hoping for a bright spell? If the idea of getting soaked doesn't appeal to you, don't panic, you can still enjoy the city even in bad weather! 

Life goes on when it rains in Brussels and the capital offers a whole host of activities to help you make the most of those grey days. 

  • Cinematek

    For film lovers, take shelter in the projection rooms of the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique. Move aside Netflix, the Cinématek contains one of the largest film collections in the world. The archives are a veritable gold mine for finding forgotten masterpieces and the ideal place to escape a downpour!  

  • The Magritte Museum

    You are strolling in the park in front of the Palace but the weather conditions take a turn for the worst? Head to the Magritte Museum on Place Royale where you can not only dry off but also admire the paintings and sculptures of Belgium's greatest surrealist painter

    He'll have you with your head in the clouds and contemplating a blue sky instead of complaining about the gloomy one you escaped outside. 

  • The Belgian Comic Strip Center 

    In the city centre, there are many ways to dodge puddles but one way you can be sure to stay dry is at the Belgian Comic Strip Center. Read books, browse quietly through the strips of your favourite comics or discover the great daytime activities on offer for children. Comics aren't really your thing? Then admire the interior of this magnificent Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta and enjoy a delicious meal and a beer in the museum’s brasserie names after the master architect. 

  • The Horta Museum 

    Have you been caught out by a storm? Then it's the perfect opportunity to take an interest in Art Nouveau and Belgian architect Victor Horta, who designed the building of the Belgian Comic Strip Center. He, too, has his own museum, in the Chatelain neighbourhood of Ixelles. Discover his creations, beautiful mosaics, stunning murals, unique furniture and colourful stained-glass windows... Take your time as you avoid going back out in the deluge.  

  • Galleries Royales Saint Hubert

    A stone's throw from the Grand Place, the Royal Saint Hubert's Galleries offer you shelter from the rain. Under the glass roof you'll find numerous luxury shops and also a selection of the finest Belgian chocolatiers. Why not window shop for a Rolex or a Delvaux handbag or two? You'll find it all here. For a coffee break stop at the famous Mokafé which, like Maison Dandoy and Gaufres and Waffles is renowned for its Brussels waffles. Fans of architecture will love the Prince's Gallery, and more specifically French-language bookshop Tropismes, which is housed in an impressive jazz ballroom full of mirrors and gold leaf!