5 activities in Brussels for your little balls of energy

5 activities in Brussels for your little balls of energy

Your children can’t sit still and are tired of being cooped up at home? Don’t panic, Brussels is bursting with fun activities for your little budding adventurers!

Here’s our selection of some of the best:

  • Jump XL 

    Jump XL is trampoline park. Try out their Free Jump sessions; they're ideal for jumping wherever you want, whenever you want and however you please. If you're more of a perfectionist, sign your kids up for lessons with a trainer who will teach them how to do awesome back flips! It's open to all, young and old. Time slots are reserved for the youngest.

    Space Team Game 

    Space Team Game is a fun team game, where a different challenge awaits you in each room: dexterity, logic, handling skills... You need to be cunning and fast to win! Children from 8 years old will have a lot of fun. And if you want even more, a Laser Game is available at the same location. 


    Plunge into the medieval fantasy world of Sortilège! Here, fantastic characters (a knight, a fairy godmother, a witch...) accompany you on an epic and energetic quest. A balance course, treetop rope courses, puzzles, archery or sword fighting... and the icing on the cake: as an apprentice knight, you can go back several times, the challenges will always be different! To continue your day in this green corner of the north of Brussels, take a trip to Nos Pilifs farm, just across the street.  

    Mystery Bag 

    Mystery Bag is the perfect mix of treasure hunt and Escape Game! As a team, equipped with a mysterious bag, solve the puzzles and progress gradually through the city to complete your mission! It's a playful way to rediscover the centre of Brussels! Accessible to children aged 10 and over, accompanied by an adult.

    Vroumekes – Un jeu dans la ville 

    Travel through Brussels in a classic VW van with Vroumekes and enjoy a trip that’s full of twists (and turns)! Your trip will be full of surprises from start to finish: challenges, a constantly evolving script... your team spirit and creativity will be put to the test! This game for young and old is ideal for families with children aged 8 and over.