60 years for many associations based in Brussels

60 years for many associations based in Brussels

While in 2017 the European Union has celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, establishing the European Economic Community in 1957, its entry into force the year after led to the creation of many associations which are currently based in Brussels.

The treaty has been an important force to develop various common policies in the fields of agriculture or industry, which allowed to stimulate the creation of specific interest driven associations and labour unions which setup their headquarters in Brussels.

Regrouping the Employers’ federations since the beginning Businesseurope (long time operating with the acronym UNICE) has been an active association player all over Europe. Similarly, Eurochambres, regrouping different chambers of commerce, contributed to business networking for decades from Brussels.

In the food area the fruit juice, meat, margarine or cereals also found their way to act in the city. Another example, first established in the Netherlands, but then quickly moved to Brussels, The Brewers of Europe (CBMC until early 2000’s) will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year by holding the 1st The Brewers of Europe Forum in June.

The 1958 established sawmill, fashion retailers, salt, logistics or footwear sectors associations have also put their headquarters in Brussels. It has been also the case of the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC).

While it is difficult to name all of them, watch out for some of those and other associations’ special events to learn more about their input to history and present. You can be sure that in the coming years more anniversaries of associations will come and we will be pleased to highlight them.