8 Brussels beers to enjoy at Christmas

8 Brussels beers to enjoy at Christmas

Whether they are amber, dark, gourmet or spiced, in Brussels, winter beers are all the rage.

They can be enjoyed by the fire, placed under the Christmas tree or enhance your festive meals. Here are eight ways to spice up your festive celebrations!  

  • 1. The Tough Cookie: beer + speculoos 

    This is a spiced, gourmet Brussels beer that will be perfectly at home under your Christmas tree! It was produced in collaboration with Maison Dandoy and combines the unique tastes of speculoos and hops. It is a 100% Belgian blend that can be enjoyed beside the fire.

    Where can you buy it? Tough Cookie is made by Brussels Beer Project and can be found in their taproom and in Dandoy shops.

  • 2. The traditional Winter Mess 

    The Christmas beer par excellence! Winter Mess, previously called X-Mas Zinnebir, is a Belgian amber beer with aromas of spices, cocoa and caramel and a thick, creamy head. It is brewed in Brussels and is the ultimate Christmas beer, perfect for your festive evenings.

    Where can you buy it? Winter Mess is available at Brasserie de la Senne, in Färm shops and in specialised beer cellars such as Malt Attacks in Saint-Gilles and Malting Pot in Ixelles.

  • 3. The surprising Black Saison

    Those of you who like Christmas beers will love this one. Black Saison is a surprising, unique, 6% Porter beer. With its hint of cocoa, light body and impenetrable black colour, this Belgian beer has arrived just in time for the festivities. 

    Where can you buy it? It can be found in all Carrefour Hypermarkets, in certain beer shops and at l’Annexe Brewery in Saint-Gilles.

  • 4. Noirolles, a dark beer from the Marolles

    Brewed from chocolatey, roasted beans, Noirolles also contains a secret ingredient that gives it its smoothness. This character beer is reminiscent of the old districts of Brussels, like the Marolles, which inspired its name. It is an excellent winter aperitif.  

    Where can you buy it? Noirolles is available from the En Stoemelings brewery and specialised shops such as Malting Pot, Malt Attacks and Chez Bobonne.

    © Gonzalo Remy

  • 5. Noire du Midi, darkness and light

    This beer is slightly lighter than the traditional porters, but retains the same sweet, gourmet character. Noire du Midi is a dark Brussels beer with roasted aromas, seasoned with spiced tones of pine and resin. But this thick, dark beer remains light. It can be enjoyed on winter days, when night falls early.

    Where can you buy it? You can find Noire du Midi in specialised shops such as Malting Pot and Malt Attacks and in the nanobrasserie de l'Ermitage in Anderlecht!

  • 6. Fruity sweetness with Rosé de Gambrinus

    Tasty and refreshing fruity beers are the perfect accompaniment to a meal of wild game with sauce. At Christmas, the light yet full-bodied finish of a Brussels beer like Rosé de Gambrinus will delight palates. It has a sparkling, acidic touch that everyone will love.  

    Where can you buy it? Rosé de Gambrinus is available directly from the Cantillon Brewery in Brussels, from Rob and from certain Brussels bars.

    © Gerrie van der Walt

  • 7. Heavy Porter, full of contrasts 

    Heavy Porter is robust yet smooth, dark yet refreshing, with an aroma of grilled bread. With its hint of cacao with a touch of hazelnut, it is a perfect match for dessert and can be enjoyed with a Christmas log. The 6% Belgian beer will be enjoyed by both enthusiasts and fine connoisseurs. 

    Where can you buy it? Heavy Porter is brewed by the No Science Brewery in Brussels. You can find it in Brussels beer shops such as Malt Attacks, Malting Pot and Bierschuur.

  • 8. Whack!, Imperial Coffee Stout

    Brace yourself: there's no messing around with Whack! A (highly roasted) stout beer with a black colour and a compact brownish head. Brewed in Brussels from Mamé Noka coffee beans (fairtrade importer), this is a strong beer (9%) to be enjoyed when the first frosts set in. It is the choice of regular beer drinkers, who will enjoy its sturdy character and persistent bitterness.

    Where can you buy it? Just like Heavy Porter, Whack! is produced by the No Science Brewery. So you can find it in Brussels beer shops such as Malt Attacks, Malting Pot and Bierschuur.