Gourmet experiences

Gourmet experiences

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the city of Brussels supplies a rich assortment of cultural and festive events which have significantly transformed the face of our city over the last decade. And it is no small coincidence that gastronomy is no exception to this rule. Brussels culinary calendar is indeed studded with some true gourmet “gems”. These often unique foodie events span the gamut of culinary art in all its forms.

Here is a by no means exhaustive overview of the major events in chronological order:

  • Tram Experience

    The Tram Experience is again cruising along the most prestigious avenues of our city as it has been since 2012, the year when it was initiated during the gourmet year Brusselicious. In fact, it was supposed to cease its culinary activities at the end of it. However, due to its tremendous success, things turned out differently, much to the delight of thousands of foodies whose attempts to get a ticket for the very first edition had miserably failed. Four years on, the Tram Experience is still a big hit, not only with newcomers who are keen to discover an almost surrealistic concept so typical of Brussels, but also with loyal devotees who come back to discover the exquisite universe of the many starred chefs who have been on board this tram experiment up till now. 
    Practical information : every day, except on Mondays. 

  • Brussels Food Truck Festival

    Unless you have spent the last few years living under a rock, you obviously know that street food has become all the rage these days, more or less all over the world... and deservedly so! It is no different in Brussels. Street food trucks and vendors pop up everywhere in all districts of the city, and serve mostly cosmopolitan, sometimes unexpected fresh, high-quality food which delights our taste buds without breaking the bank. Held in parallel with the Brussels Capital-Region festivities (Fête de l’Iris), the Brussels Food Truck Festival eagerly awaits a busy crowd of aficionados with an incredibly tantalizing cast. It can indeed be said that the Belgian Food Truck Association has set the bar very high with the biggest of its kind in the world and more than one hundred food trucks registered for the event. Besides the crème de la crème of Belgian street vendors, you will have the opportunity to discover several food trucks from different places in Europe. Simply put, the place to be for all you munchies lovers!
    Practical information : boulevard de l’Impératrice in Brussels, in parallel with Fête de l’Iris.

  • Brussels in the Sky

    Dinner in the Sky celebrates its 10th anniversary with no less than ten tables nested under the Atomium. Expect five days of gourmet craziness! The most famous starred chefs, fully harnessed for once and understandably so, take turns to officiate at an impressive height of 50m above the ground amidst 22 guests, time and again dazzled by this one-of-a-kind experience. This almost biblical scene – and let us be quite clear, we do not for one moment allude to the Last Supper – indeed allows a full “communion” with the chef who serves his divine, or should we say heavenly, culinary compositions as if you were sat in his kitchen. Brussels in the Sky is, you might say, an adventure everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. 

  • eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux

    Hosted since 2015 in the Brussels park in the city centre, the food (and drink) festival eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX puts up its tents in the sumptuous green setting. True to tradition, it brings together around fifteen Brussels chefs which, come rain or come shine, serve their signature dishes during an impressive carefree and comfy garden party. This year again, a dynamic delegation of more than 50 wine-producers and merchants from the Bordeaux region do not come here empty-handed. See for yourself as you will have the opportunity to taste and discover hundreds of bottles from the different Bordeaux regions and labels of origin. It is in fact the largest gathering of its kind in Belgium. Besides the restaurants and the wine-producers, EBDB beefs up its program this year with a wine school, live cooking sessions, gin, beer and whisky bars, Grands Crus master classes and also an artisans’ village. 

  • Culinaria

    Culinaria was held for the first time in 2009 and has slowly but surely grown into one of the major gourmet events of the year while keeping its growth and its scope under control. Every single detail is thought out with the utmost care. Its organizers know what they are doing and do it extremely well. Today, Culinaria stands out as a fair culinary trend indicator, a catwalk of gastronomy where Belgian and international foodies are pushing to get in and find out in a matter of hours which new spin some of our finest top chefs are giving to their gourmet inventions. Culinaria more than ever proves to be a significant event for any self-respecting connoisseur. Culinaria will come back this year with a new and even more appealing concept.