A colourful autumn in Brussels!

A colourful autumn in Brussels!

Workshops during which children can touch and get a feel for everything: from making a kite, to learning all about e-participation, and from monkeys to dolls houses. This autumn, Brussels will offer children a whole host of activities. Whether they are incorrigible geniuses, or genuine daredevils, every child will find an activity that takes their fancy in Brussels. What’s more, during the half-term holidays, there’s even more to offer!

  • Throughout the autumn

  • Little Life

    A doll’s house built in the style of a Brussels town house from the 1900s allows your children to learn about the daily life of a bourgeois family of the 19th and 20th century. Little Life will remain at the Halle gate for a year! But you children won’t just be able to marvel at old toys and charming details in a doll’s house: they’ll also be treated to a 3D animation, which takes them on a mission, and a games zone in the attic.


    You can see them at the Museum of Natural Sciences. That’s right, monkeys have arrived and share the space with the museum’s spectacular dinosaurs. Discover all this in the Monkeys temporary exhibition that opened its doors in early October. Don’t miss it!

    Following in the footsteps of explorers

    With the Oceania exhibition, the Cinquantenaire museum takes you on a journey following in the footsteps of the great explorers who traversed this immense and mysterious region in the 18th century. On 19 November, for Arts Day, your children will be warmly greeted with a hongi (the traditional Maori greeting) and allowed to participate in their preferred workshop. Heaps of interesting workshops will be organised in various venues, especially before the Europalia festival.

    Budding politicians

    ...or passionate about anything that uses e-participation? Then the BELvue museum’s workshop, organised for Digital Week, will delight your young ones!

    The great classics

    Are you looking for other activities than the ones suggested above? Or just for something fun to do with the kids when it’s raining and the autumn wind has arrived? You can’t go wrong with the classics. Children and their parents love to play in huge trains at Train World, meet their favourite comic strip characters at the MOOF, travel back in time and discover the golden era of the Coudenberg, visit the Children’s Museum, plunge underground at the Sewers Museum, and of course, discover experience.brussels.

  • During the half-term holidays

  • All-you-can build Lego at Brick Live, films at Filem'on, various adventures at the Kidix fair, a fun visit at the BELvue Museum, and our Halloween offer is sure to send a shiver down your spine!