A cup of your finest coffee please!

A cup of your finest coffee please!

Coffee breaks are a well-established tradition in some countries. First thing in the morning when we wake up, on the way to work or just after lunch, we all have our own habits. In recent years, "coffee to go" has become more popular in Brussels and the capital now has a wide range of spots adored by coffee lovers.

Where can you find a good cup of coffee? Well, anywhere it turns out! When we talk about "good" coffee, we mean speciality coffee. That is to say quality, ethical coffee bursting with thousands of flavours. Today, spots dedicated to this "good" coffee abound in the capital. Excellent roasters have established themselves here and several bars have made the city their home. They often even develop small online shops where you can get hold of the precious Arabicas. Ristretto, espresso, filter coffee (Chemex, V60, Aeropress), cappuccino, latte... there are infinite recipes and countless different preparation methods and tastes. Brussels even has its own Brussels Coffee Week and a Brussels Coffee Tour for coffee lovers.

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    Bars and workshops

    Belga & co
    Loïc and Charly are the two friends behind Belga & Co and its three Brussels addresses (rue du Bailli, Grand-Place and Saint-Boniface). One is passionate about coffee, the other about business in general, and together they travel the world in search of the best Arabica coffees. Rwanda, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nicaragua… the coffee beans from all over the world are all roasted in Belgium and then served by outstanding baristas in Brussels.

    Café Capitale
    If you're a coffee fan, then you've probably already been to one of the three Café Capitale addresses. For several years now, François Lafontaine, founder and barista, has been working with the best coffee beans from the four corners of the globe. He roasts them in the Marolles, revealing their aromas and trains other baristas to serve you the right way. A little added bonus? The address on rue du Midi has a small corner dedicated to vinyl. Coffee and music… paradise.

    Corica is the story of three generations of roasters. With several decades of expertise, the establishment is a true institution that puts taste and quality first. Corica's artisanal roasting process enhances the aromas of 28 Arabica varieties. Two counters offer coffee for tasting and buying, ranging from beans to ground coffee. The baristas will be happy to help you choose. Corica has a number of different grinders, so you can compare the different types of espresso!

    MOK Specialty coffee Roastery & Bar
    Mok is a project by Jens Crabbé, a micro-roaster from Leuven, who recently moved to Brussels. He offers an ethical shop on a human scale. Jens works with coffee producers he knows personally. In addition to excellent coffees with fruity aromas, the menu also includes small, seasonal, vegetarian or vegan home-made snacks. 

    OR coffeeAna Attento
    OR is the story of two coffee lovers: Tom Janssens and Katrien Pauwels. When they launched OR in 2001, they were still pioneers in the field of specialty coffee. After setting up a roasting workshop, their desire to pass on their passion to others led them to open a training centre and four bars, two of which are in Brussels. The bars are now run under the Ana Attento label and still serve delicious OR coffee. Tom and Katrien continue to travel the world in search of the best Fair Trade coffee producers.

    Parlor Coffee
    Opened in 2012 by Belgian-Japanese couple Bram and Yumi, Parlor coffee combines a warm espresso bar and roasting workshop. The duo roasts their beans on site and prepares delicious home-made snacks to accompany your coffee or Japanese tea. The matcha pastries are divine! Parlor's beans come from small ethical productions, primarily in Latin America.

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    Shops and workshops

    Black Potion Coffee
    Black Potion Coffee is a specialty coffee micro-roastery located on rue du Midi in the heart of Brussels, created by the founder of Café Capitale, François Lafontaine. In his workshop, he produces a high-quality Arabica coffee which is grown without pesticides by small producers, is seasonal and the beans are harvested by hand. The roastery sells eight to ten different coffees, which are never blended, to highlight the quality of the coffee and its producer. If you are curious and want to know more about this black gold, the workshop is open to the public for organised visits.

    Santos Palace
    It was at the beginning of the 20th century, and under the name of "Compagnie Brésilienne", that this roasting workshop was created in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. Santos Palace already has more than a century of coffee expertise and has a wide range of products from all over the world, including Mokka Fair Trade. Taste it at their shop at 3 Rue Marché aux Poulets.

    Torréfaction Van Dael
    Here we have a veritable historical institution! Four generations of roasters have contributed to the Van Dael family's reputation, and its more than 125 years of coffee expertise. The roasted beans come from ethical plantations in Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. The shop also stocks a variety of teas.
    No website - rue Marie-Christine 134, 1020 Laeken

    Wide Awake
    Wide Awake is a roasting workshop and a shop, located on Rue de Flandre. It's managed by Senina and Rutger, who carefully select their beans, roast them, taste them and put them together - or don't - to compose their 8 characterful coffees. These have very distinct identities based on acidity, sweetness, body and aftertaste. They also distribute these blends and "single origins" to various catering companies.

    Located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, L’artisanal is a coffee roaster and a tea and herbal tea counter. Taste coffees roasted in small quantities using an artisanal and slow method. The beans come from Latin America, Africa and Asia and L'artisanal offers you everything from ristretos and espressos to latte machiatos. You can also enjoy nearly 330 different types of tea: white, green, black, Oolong, Pu-Erhs, fruit, citrus, spice... Taste the Brussels streusel, L'artisanal's homemade take on the Alsatian streusel.

    Mok @Birgit Sterck

    Bars in which to enjoy a delicious coffee and other treats

    Bouche is a charming bar on rue de Namur, dedicated to specialty coffee. Here they only serve great coffee: espresso, long black, americano, macchiato, cortado, flat white... Make your choice and then watch the baristas prepare your delicate coffee right before your very eyes. They love to share their passion with you. Together with Antoine, the founder, they even concoct original seasonal menus for you to enjoy on the spot, focusing primarily on vegetarian dishes. The warm atmosphere, bathed in the scent of coffee, will have you hooked.

    Buddy Buddy
    For fans of home-made peanut butter and fruited coffee by Mok. Everything is vegan here!

    Cup 28°
    A favourite of those who love home-made patisseries and instagrammable bubble waffles.

    Fika means “coffee break” in Swedish. Enjoy a kanelbullar in their hidden garden with a view.

    Unbeatable brunches and cafés gourmands.

    Plants and coffee. What more could you want?

    Enjoy a breakfast, brunch or lunch in this veritable little urban refuge.

    Jackie coffee & magazines
    Jackie is the brainchild of Kiliane, a former lawyer, who decided to change career to devote herself entirely to her passion: speciality coffee. This Saint-Gilles address is more than just a coffee bar. You'll also find many independent magazines, to read on the spot or to buy, covering subjects like sport, travel, news, design... Ideal to browse through with a delicious cup of coffee.

    The mascot of Kaffabar? Marcel, a British bulldog.

    Small Asian café, cousin de Cup 28°, which offers delicious lunches.

    A veritable little bubble of sweetness managed by Elias and Clara. Make sure you order their home-made snickers.

    Organic and vegan coffee bar that’s ideal for a cosy break before or after a walk in Forest Park.

    Le Phare du Kanaal
    Small bar and co-working space along the canal that serves OR coffee.

    Living Room
    Concept store that combines design, snacks and good coffee.

    Lucifer Lives Coffee
    An espresso bar serving vegan Viennese pastries and the best breakfast in the Marolles neighbourhood.

    My Little Cup
    Antoine, the manager and friendly barista, has a passion: finding new coffees from European roasters.

    Pardon Brussels
    Known for its numerous different preparations of Brussels waffles.

    Tuck Shop
    For a proper coffee served with a smile.

    Yuka Espresso Bar
    A warm, welcoming espresso bar that, as well as coffee, offers delicious teas.

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