Action plan 2020

VISIT.BRUSSELS: A VISION FOR THE BRUSSELS-CAPITAL REGION aims to position the Brussels-Capital Region on the local and international scene as the capital of 500 million Europeans. A veritable "world city", where every day more than 183 different nationalities live together, the Brussels metropolis is the most cosmopolitan in Europe. As a capital of diversity and openness, Brussels is also the capital of the good life and creativity. Drawing on these intrinsic strengths, strives to develop sustainable and high-quality tourism that respects the city and its inhabitants.

VISIT.BRUSSELS : A MISSION TO PROMOTE THE DESTINATION’ mission is to promote the Brussels-Capital Region as an attractive and unmissable destination, both nationally and internationally. To this end, is engaged in a city marketing approach, in order to highlight the competitive advantages of the destination. In partnership with local stakeholders, it works to develop the tourism offer in Brussels and the policies that welcome visitors and residents.

The first management contract between and the Brussels-Capital Region was signed in 2018. This contract lays down a general framework: it formalises the relations between and the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, and sets out their respective obligations. It also sets measurable strategic and operational objectives for each of’ missions.