Brussels’ top spots: ten artisan bakeries!

Brussels’ top spots: ten artisan bakeries!

About ten years ago, it was hard to find quality bread in Brussels. But now that's a thing of the past! In recent years, artisanal bakeries have popped up all over the city. Good news for the people of Brussels and everyone who visits. In these bakeries, good, honest bread is paramount, and while we're here, who could say no to their delicious little cakes and pastries?  

  • © Boulengier


    Whether you choose a pastry, sourdough bread or a baguette, Charli's quality is evident from the very first bite. As well as luxurious ingredients, there is a clear love of bread kneaded into the dough. Our favourite? Their baguette! 


    A stone's throw from the Halle Gate is perhaps the hippest bakery in Brussels: Boulengier! In 2018, two young Brussels entrepreneurs hired an artisan baker from Normandy. The result? Master craftsmanship! In the afternoon you can also go there to sample one of their tasty sandwiches, which are always filled with fresh seasonal produce.  

    C’est si bon 

    Have you seen the queues on Quai des Charbonnages? All those people are there for C'est si Bon! This artisanal bakery was born in Anderlecht but added a branch in Molenbeek in 2018. Since then, Brussels residents have been happily queuing for hearty bread and refined pastries, with both German roots and a French touch. Baker Christian Celej takes his inspiration from all four corners of Europe. Curious? Then join the queue and find out why C'est si Bon is so good!


    The Chambelland bakery and patisserie was founded by Thomas Teffri-Chambelland and Nathaniel Doboin, two Frenchmen who wanted to make organic sourdough bread without gluten or additives. And just like that, rice flour bread was born! The bakery first opened in Paris and has its own flour mill in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. In Ixelles, sit back and enjoy their flat rectangle-shaped breads and artisanal pastries, all made with rice or buckwheat flour. They make wholegrain, dried fruit, sugar and cocoa breads. Experience the sweet scent of coumarin and the subtle flavours that the rice flour gives to bread. What's more, this cereal will give you energy and nutrients while keeping you feeling full.

    The Chambelland bakery and patisserie in Brussels
    © Serge Anton


    Natural products, traditional kneading, long fermentation... the Matinal bakery in Ixelles belongs to the new generation of bakers who are restoring traditional bread baking to its former glory. You will not be disappointed.  

    Renard Bakery 

    Renard Bakery is the project of young dynamic couple Laurent and Sophie. Together, they took over an old bakery on Place Fernand Cocq in 2015. He, after studying political science and law, decided to pursue his baking dream and went to Paris to learn the tricks of the trade. She gave the bakery a contemporary look. They say sourdough breads are their speciality, but there is so much in their shop window that is impossible to resist!  


    The story of Kiekebich starts with an old windmill in the Rand, Brussels' leafy suburbs. As a master miller, baker Tom learned how to bake bread there in the most traditional way. After years of tinkering with the perfect recipe, he now sells his own breads under his pseudonym: Kiekebich. Order them online and pick up your order at COOP, a creative hub along the canal in Anderlecht.  

    Le Pain Levé 

    There is no lack of social commitment at Le Pain Levé, a new artisan bakery in Josaphat Park in Schaerbeek. They believe that everyone has the right to quality bread, so their prices vary according to the customer's budget. A wonderful initiative!  


    Since 1986, Saint-Aulaye has been synonymous with quality. In the window of this bakery, you'll find not only delicious breads, but also a wide range of pastries, including the specialty of the house: the Paris-Bres! Unfortunately, we haven't had the chance to taste this round cake with praline and caramelised almonds yet, but since we saw the photos on their website, we haven't been able to think of anything else!  

    Hopla Geiss Bakery

    Right by the Albert tram stop in Saint-Gilles lies Hopla Geiss Alsation bakery. This organic bakery was founded in 2016 by Dimitri Pierrot and Nicolas Scheidt with the primary goal of providing high quality bread for their restaurants La Buvette and the Café des Spores. Now, they deliver to quality restaurants all over the city. Open Tuesday to Sunday, they serve up delicious authentic bread, made in the traditional way with the best organic or biodynamic ingredients.