B2B event planning until December 2020

To help our partners and customers, here is the list of the major B2B events maintained, postponed or cancelled in 2020 (updated regularly).

This non-exhaustive list is intended to give you an idea of the confirmed B2B events and to avoid event saturation in the second half of 2020. It will be updated according to future government (de)containment decisions in Belgium and abroad.

This list is purely informative and does not in any way imply the end date of the containment or the dates of the deconfinement steps.

All official information on the coronavirus can be found on the website www.info-coronavirus.be

If you have any questions orchanges, or if you would like to be added to this list, please contact Anousjka Schmidt

  • Event      Type      Country      City      Original date(s)      Status      New date(s)
    workshop BBT Online   MICE   Belgium   Londerzeel   29/06   Postponed   24/08 + 14/09
    workshop Rail Away   MICE   Belgium   Brussels   30/09   Confirmed    
    workshop DMC BRIC-countries   Leisure/MICE   Belgium   Brussels   TBC   Postponed   November
    Fam trip France (coach travel)   Leisure   Belgium   Brussels   21-22/03   Cancelled    
    Fam trip UK (with hotel Warwick)   MICE   Belgium   Brussels   04/04   Cancelled    
    Fam trip USA/Visit Flanders   Leisure   Belgium   Brussels   08/04   Cancelled    
    Fam trip Russia   MICE   Belgium   Brussels   10-12/05   Cancelled    
    Fam trip USA (with hotel Amigo)   MICE   Belgium   Brussels   14-16/05   Cancelled    
    Fam trip Netherlands (with Face2Face)   Leisure/MICE   Belgium   Brussels   27-28/06   Postponed   September
    Fam trip Netherlands   Leisure   Belgium   Brussels   1-3/07   Cancelled    
    Fam trip India   Leisure   Belgium   Brussels   half August   Cancelled    
    Fam trip Spain   Leisure   Belgium   Brussels   1-3/09   Cancelled    
    Fam trip Brazil (with hotel Amigo)   Leisure   Belgium   Brussels   September   Cancelled    
    Fam trip Netherlands (Bru for all)   Leisure   Belgium   Brussels   8-9/10   Confirmed    
    Fam trip on a train   Leisure   Belgium   Brussels   27-30/11   Confirmed    
    Fam trip USA/DCI   MICE   Belgium   Brussels   December   Confirmed    
    Secret Dinner   MICE   France   Lyon   18-19/03   Postponed   March 2021
    IFTM Top Résa   Leisure   France   Paris   22-25/09   Confirmed   17-20/11
    Sales mission CVB   MICE   France   Paris/Lyon   June   Postponed   1/09
    Atelier Partance (agencies)   MICE   France   Paris   03/09   Confirmed    
    Roadshow Partance (agencies)   MICE   France   Paris/Lille/Lyon   6-8/09   Confirmed    
    So événements   MICE   France   Bordeaux   11-12/03   Postponed   8-9/09
    Mice Peak (D, A, CH market)   MICE   France   Cannes   27-29/03   Postponed   13-15/11
    Heavent Meetings   MICE   France   Cannes   20-22/04   Postponed   31/08-2/09
    Mice Place City Lyon   MICE   France   Lyon   16/04   Postponed   TBC
    Mice Place Lyon   MICE   France   Lyon   28-29/09   Confirmed    
    Mice Place City Lille   MICE   France   Lille   28/04   Postponed   September
    Salon CE   Leisure   France   Parc Asterix   18-19/05   Postponed   8-10/10
    Bordeaux fête le vin   Leisure   France   Bordeaux   18-21/06   Confirmed    
    Mice Place City international seminars   MICE   France   Paris   2/07   Postponed   5/11
    Pure Meetings & Events   MICE   France   Paris   21/09   Confirmed    
    Mice Place City Montpellier   MICE   France   Montpellier   24/09   Postponed   November/December
    MP2 Market Place for meeting planners   MICE   France   Marseille   30/09-2/10   Confirmed    
    Mice Place City seminars   MICE   France   Paris   05/11   Confirmed    
    Exclusiv'Mice   MICE   France   Deauville   24-25/11   Confirmed    
    The Big Green   MICE   France   Deauville   24-25/11   Confirmed    
    Workshop in the City   MICE   France   Bordeaux   26/11   Confirmed    
    Workshop in the City   MICE   France   Lyon   10/12   Confirmed    
    Réunir, Activ'Assistante et Meedex   MICE   France   Paris   15/12   Confirmed    
    Secret Dinner   MICE   UK   London   1/10   Confirmed    
    Sales mission CVB   MICE   UK   Manchester/London   October   Confirmed    
    Networking dinner   Leisure   UK   London   September   Confirmed    
    GEM (ETOA)   Leisure   UK   London   30/10   Confirmed    
    WTM   Leisure   UK   London   2-4/11   Confirmed    
    Secret Dinner   MICE   Germany   Munich   18/06   Postponed    
    Table Talk   MICE   Germany   Munich   27/05   Postponed   03/09
    Presentation via AWEX   MICE   Germany   Munich   Spring   Postponed   Autumn
    Sales mission CVB   MICE   Germany   Berlin   October   Confirmed    
    ""Fête de l'Iris"" @ the Embassy   MICE/Leisure   Germany   Berlin   May   Postponed   Oct/Nov
    RDA Messe   Leisure   Germany   Cologne   7 - 8/07   Confirmed    
    Workshop on the train   Leisure   Germany   Frankfurt/Bxl/Lille   27-30/11   Confirmed    
    MICE by Melody   MICE   Germany   Düsseldorf/Frankfurt   1-2/09   Confirmed    
    MICE Club Live   MICE/Leisure   Germany   Frankfurt/Bxl/Lille   13-15/09   Confirmed    
    Belux Workshop (TVL & Luxemburg)   Leisure   Germany   Cologne   27/04   Postponed   16/09
    MICE Boat   MICE   Germany   Hamburg/Southampton   30/10-1/11   Confirmed    
    EIBTM   MICE   Spain   Barcelona   1-3/12   Confirmed    
    ACAVE workshop   Leisure   Spain   San Sebastian   3/03   Confirmed    
    ACAVE workshop   Leisure   Spain   Sevilla   26-27/03   Cancelled    
    ACAVE workshop   Leisure   Spain   Barcelona   18/03   Cancelled    
    Brussels Airlines event   Leiure   Spain   Valencia   5/03   Confirmed    
    Secret Dinner   Leisure   Spain   Madrid   7/05   Cancelled    
    Webinar Bookingfax   Leisure   Spain   Barcelona   20/02   Confirmed    
    FICOMIC (Int. Comics trade show)   Leisure   Spain   Barcelona   8-10/05   Cancelled    
    B-Travel Fair (B2C)   Leisure   Spain   Barcelona   27-29/03   Postponed   19-21/06
    M & I Europe Autumn   MICE   Spain   Madrid   27-30/09   Confirmed    
    Catalunya Business Meetings   MICE   Espagne   Llorte & Girona   14-16/09   Maintenu    
    Andalucia Business Meetings   MICE   Espagne   Malaga & Marbella   9-11/12   Maintenu    
    Portugal Business Meetings   MICE   Portugal   Porto & Lisbon   8-10/11   Maintenu    
    Secret Dinner   Leisure   Netherlands   Amsterdam   12/03   Confirmed    
    Soirée B2B pour marchés BRIC   Leisure   Portugal   Lisbonne   26 ou 27/10   Maintenu    
    BTMF   MICE   Netherlands   Schiphol   7/09   Confirmed    
    Bus-Idee Dag   Leisure   Netherlands   Hazerswoude   November   Confirmed    
    TravelPRESSentation   Leisure/Press   Netherlands   Rotterdam   November   Confirmed    
    State visit   Leisure   Italy   Milan/Rome   23 - 25/03   Postponed   1-2/12
    Secret Dinner   Leisure   Italy   Milan   29/09   Confirmed    
    Airport workshop   Leisure   Italy   Bari   12-13/03   Cancelled    
    Airport workshop   Leisure   Italy   Cagliari   31/03-1/04   Cancelled    
    TTG Travel Experience   Leisure   Italy   Rimini   14-16/10   Confirmed    
    M & I Europe Winter   MICE   Italy   Lake of Como   28-31/10   Confirmed    
    M & I Forum Americas   MICE   USA   Atlanta   22-25/03   Postponed   4-7/11
    M & I VIP Connect Americas   MICE   USA   Miami   3-6/05   Cancelled    
    C-Vent Connect   MICE   USA   Las Vegas   15-18/06   Cancelled   replaced by virtual session
    Sales mission citywide congresses   MICE   USA   Washington/California   June   Postponed   TBC
    M & I Healthcare Americas   MICE   USA   Boston   1-3/09   Cancelled    
    IMEX-America   MICE   USA   Las Vegas   15-17/09   cancelled    
    ASAE Annual Meeting   MICE   USA   Las Vegas   8/11   Confirmed    
    sales calls with partners   Leisure   Brazil   Sao Paulo/Rio   18-22/05   Postponed   March 2021
    sales calls with partners   Leisure   Russia   Moscow/St Petersb.   14-19/06   Postponed   April 2021
    sales calls with partners   Leisure   India   Mumbai/Delhi   14-18/09   Postponed   February 2021
    Meeting Space Spring   MICE   UAE   Abu Dhabi   5-8/03   Confirmed    
    ATM   Leisure   UAE   Dubai   19-22/04   Postponed   16-19/05/2021
    Brussels Days/Expo Dubai 2020   MICE   UAE   Dubai   December   Cancelled    
    Sales mission   MICE   Switserland   Geneva/Zurich   TBC   Postponed   TBC
    Brussels Days/Olympic Games   Leisure   Japan   Tokyo   27/07-1/08   Cancelled    
    The Meeting Space Autumn   MICE   Danmark   Copenhague   24-26/09   Confirmed    
    M&I Europe   MICE   Norway   Oslo   5-8/07   Cancelled    
    M&I Europe Spring   MICE   Irland   Dublin   26-29/04   Postponed   6-9/09