New Bike Hub sites in Brussels

New Bike Hub sites in Brussels

Do you ilke to visit or travel  around the city by bike? Good news! Two new venues in Brussels have been transformed into genuine cycling hubs for both bicycle tourists and visitors wanting to discover the capital by bike!

The Bike Hub has set up offices in the Grand Hospice in the City of Brussels and on the “See U” site in Ixelles. At these two sites, you'll find services, facilities and activities related to cycling.

What services does the Bike Hub offer exactly? The two sites are places where bicycles can be hired and repaired, starting points for guided bike tours, places where you can find useful tools such as the "Brussels by bike" guide and information on bike-friendly accommodation and places for events related to the promotion of cycling.

In short, they're a one-stop shop for all your cycling needs.

  • A site dedicated to the city’s inhabitants: See U   

    Brussels' cyclists are going to love the See U, in the heart of Ixelles! See U is the largest temporary occupation in Belgium, synonymous with social and sustainable innovation, learning and experimentation. It's the transitional management phase of the USQUARE.BRUSSELS project, which aims to open the doors of this historic site to the general public. The project covers a site of more than 45,000m², in the former Fritz Toussaint gendarmerie barracks in Ixelles, an ecosystem that brings together more than 100 project leaders from the associative, economic, cultural, academic and educational worlds. Did you know that the project is already home to several bicycle-related projects (the Vélodroom, the Hors Catégories collective, Brussels Big Bracket, etc.)?  Bike-Packer wants to encourage the people of Brussels to travel by bike. This travel agency offers travel itineraries throughout Belgium and provides tailored advice. You can rent hybrid trekking bikes and all the corresponding equipment. Your cycling adventure is guaranteed to be a success!

    Rue Fritz Toussaint 8 Fritz Toussaintstraat, 1050 Ixelles 

    A site dedicated to tourists: the Grand Hospice

    The Grand Hospice is a new "cultural and social co-use space" offering a variety of community services and activities to the inhabitants of the surrounding neighbourhoods and beyond. The site is awaiting major renovation work which will lead to the creation of a group of housing units and community services. Eager to make the most of this transition, the CPAS of Brussels, owner of the premises, decided, via a call for projects, to make the site available to an operator and an innovative project with a strong social and cultural orientation.  

    Rue du Grand Hospice 7 Grootgodshuisstraat , 1000 Brussels  


    The two temporary occupations are managed and promoted by Pali Pali, an accelerator of cultural, social and solidarity projects. The association manages venues, supports projects and trains entrepreneurs.  

    So get on your bike and come and discover these new temples to two-wheeled transport!