Bruegel street art route

Bruegel street art route

Brussels has chosen, among other things, to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Bruegel's death by dotting the city centre with street art murals inspired by the artist's universe.

It's the Farm Prod collective, along with several other artists, who are presenting their art in the streets of Brussels. The artworks form a journey that can be discovered in whichever way you please: in order or not, in full or bit by bit. Just follow the guide!

  • 1. Lazoo (FR) 

    Inspiration: The Wedding Dance (painting)

    “I am interested in Bruegel's fantastic depictions and popular life scenes, especially of festivities, because my work also includes festive aspects and dancing. I have therefore chosen to interpret this work again with its surprisingly fresh life scene, in order to express the popular and resolutely modern dimension that Bruegel's work inspires in me.”

    Rue Haute, 399 - 1000 Brussels -

  • 2. Guillaume Desmarets 

    Inspiration: The Hunters in the Snow (painting)

    “I was immediately attracted by the composition of this scene of ordinary life and its surrealist atmosphere. I decided to focus on the hunters and their dogs. I kept the elements of the composition, but transformed the subject into rat hunters pursued by their prey, in what resembles a dream. It's a kind of surreal allegory of the absurd.”

    Rue de la Rasière, 32 - 1000 Brussels -

  • 3. Farm Prod (BE) 

    Inspiration: The Parable of the Good Shepherd (print)

    “We chose to work on a detail of the engraving and the central character of our mural refers directly to the street in which it is made. It is also a nod to this atmospheric neighbourhood, populated by bars with a wild public. We combined the styles of realistic reproduction, Bruegelian decoration and contemporary motifs. It's our way of expressing the cosmopolitan side of the neighbourhood.”

    Rue des Renards, 38-40 - 1000 Brussels -

  • 4. Kim Demane – Delicious Brains (SE)  

    Inspiration: The Tower of Babel (painting)

    “For us, Babylon is the symbol of oppression. A demonic vision of men thirsty for power and the domination of others in a gigantic tower. In short, the foundation of our current society. Even though Bruegel painted this tower many decades ago, the theme of the work is still very topical.”

    CC Bruegel – Rue des Renards, 1F - 1000 Brussels -

  • 5. Arno 2bal - Farm Prod (BE)  

    Inspiration: Pieter Bruegel the Elder

    “For this vertical and highly visible wall, an image was needed that has a strong impact from a distance and which becomes clearer when you approached it. And wanting to move away from Bruegel's complex compositions, this self-portrait was an obvious choice. I reinterpreted it by mixing clear lines, abstract forms and tribal references. Knowing Bruegel to be a lover of proverbs, I had fun creating an alphabet of local expressions of the Brussels dialect.”

    Rue du Chevreuil, 14-16, 1000 Brussels -

  • 6. Piotr Szlachta 

    Inspiration: Landscape with the Flight into Egypt (painting)

    “The mural depicts a couple trying to cross the border into a lush and welcoming imaginary Europe. A smuggler waits for them a little further, to guide them. Located in one of the most cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of Brussels, this piece celebrates the movements of populations as they have been occurring since the mists of time.”

    Corner of Rue des Capucins and Rue des Tanneurs, 102 - 1000 Brussels -   

  • 7. Alexis Corrand - Farm Prod (FR)  

    Inspiration: The Ass in the School 

    “I chose this work, which depicts a teacher in the middle of a rather agitated class; and I focused on the most quirky aspect of the piece: the donkey you can see coming out of a window. These two elements will highlight the location and size of the wall used for this mural; and I positioned my donkey using false perspective, to give the impression that it is coming out of the wall.”

    Rue Blaes, 135 - 1000 Brussels -  

  • 8. Nelson Dos Reis - Farm Prod (BE) 

    Inspiration: Sloth 

    “I have often painted and drawn fantastic characters that are like quirky anti-heroes. I wanted to pay tribute to the artist in my own way, by focusing on one of his many creatures, and isolating it from its context to make it the main character of my mural.”

    Rue Saint Ghislain, 75 - 1000 Brussels -

  • 9. Les Crayons (BE) 

    Inspiration: The Peasant and the Nest Robber (painting), Pride (print) and other creatures from various engravings 

    “The idea was to have a foreground composed of a tangle of characters from various paintings and engravings, who sometimes lack a defined meaning, to obtain a kind of condensation of chimeras and Bruegelian "pariahs". The subjects are quite gloomy but treated with a certain bonhomie.” 

    Rue du miroir, 3-7 - 1000 Brussels -

  • 10.  Hell’O (BE)  

    Inspiration: Patience

    “Patientia is an allegory of patience (concretize abstract ideas). Our intention was to work on a counter-allegory, to isolate elements of the original work that seemed interesting to us and translate them into simple, balanced and very colourful geometric forms.”

    Rue Notre Seigneur, 29-31 - 1000 Brussels -

  • 11. Fred Lebbe - Farm Prod (BE) 

    Inspiration: The Fall of the Rebel Angels (painting)

    “I chose a particular part of this piece, as its pictorial universe speaks to me. My challenge was to interpret it as accurately as possible with the current spray painting technique. It was a way to pay tribute to Bruegel's technical prowess.”

    Corner of Rue de Rollebeek and Boulevard de l’Empereur, 36-40 - 1000 Brussels -

  • 12. Phlegm (UK)   

    15.10.19 – 16.02.20  

    This internationally renowned street artist loves Bruegel, as does the Royal Library of Belgium. It was only a matter of time before they met! As part of the "The World of Bruegel in Black and White" exhibition, Phlegm will catapult Bruegel into the 21st century on the walls of the Royal Library of Belgium. 

    The Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) - Mont des Arts - 1000 Brussels -   

  • 13. Farm Prod (BE)  

    > 04.08.2019

    To honour the "Bernardi Bruxellensi Pictori" exhibition, the Coudenberg Palace is entrusting the decoration of its exterior courtyard to the Farm Prod collective: each member of the collective has reinterpreted a work by this master in a personal way.

    Coudenberg Palace - Place des Palais 7 – 1000 Brussels -

    14. Farm Prod (BE) 

    > 31.10.2019 

    Rue Baron Horta has been given a new look with an installation designed by landscape architect Bas Smets and a mural celebrating Bruegel the Elder. By borrowing the visuals of works in the Bernard van Orley and Bruegel exhibitions in BOZAR, the collective is reinventing the 16th century.

    BOZAR – Centre for Fine Arts - Rue Baron Horta – 1000 Brussels -