Where are Brussels’ best spots for a quick bite?

Where are Brussels’ best spots for a quick bite?

Looking for somewhere to stop for a sweet treat or even just a coffee break? Brussels is brimming with warm and friendly places to quench your thirst while treating yourself to a few delicacies.

Discover our selection of great places to enjoy a relaxing break between visits.  

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    Located in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert and overlooking Rue d'Arenberg, Arcadi Café has been serving up its signature tarts and quiches for over 30 years. As you enter, you are instantly drawn to the counter brimming with tarts, all made following traditional recipes, with flavours including raspberry, lemon meringue and apple. You may also want to try their homemade waffles or speculoos cheesecake, perhaps accompanied by a Brussels-roasted ‘Corica’ coffee. On a more savoury note, the brasserie is known for its quiches, while it also serves up traditional Belgian delicacies, including mussels and carbonnade flamande. The décor, for its part, will leave you speechless. The walls are adorned with banknotes, coins and postcards from across the globe, representing all those to have passed through its doors over the years. Make yourself comfortable either inside or out on the café's terrace inside the Galerie du Roi.

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    Chicago Café

    At Chicago Café, treat yourself to some homemade carrot cake, cheesecake or brownies, all made using local ingredients. Be sure to try their pancakes topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup. Alternatively, sample their Flemish-brewed beer or their homemade lemonade and iced tea. This café in the heart of Brussels also serves breakfast, brunch and lunch. It is also a child-friendly space, with its own dedicated kids’ corner.

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    La Fabrique en Ville

    Nestled in the Orangerie at Egmont Park, this café and restaurant is open all day for brunch, lunch and quick bites. The menu features a number of homemade drinks, including iced tea and homemade fresh juice drinks, including 'Morning Boost' and 'Detox Juice'. They also serve a selection of sweet treats, including carrot cake, apple crumble and double chocolate cookies, all served with indulgent gourmet coffee or tea. Be sure to take a stroll through the green city-centre oasis that is Egmont Park and explore its many hidden treasures.

    Café Métropole

    Since 1890, Café Métropole has been opening its doors for lunch and coffee breaks at Place De Brouckère. Situated at the foot of the newly-listed former Métropole hotel building, this luxurious brasserie boasts a lavish Art Nouveau décor. Its columns, sculptures, gilding and chandeliers have remained unchanged since the 19th century. A cosy spot to get out of the cold, it is also possible to sit on the terrace, which is heated during winter. The hotel and its café have been part of the Wielemans-Ceuppens Brewery family for seven generations. Over the years, they have both played host to many famous celebrities and big names from the world of cinema, such as Jean Marais, Pierre Arditi, Sophie Marceau and Benoît Poelvoorde. For the people of Brussels, the landmark is a symbol of the capital and simply the place to be. When it comes to food and drink, enjoy a selection of artisanal Belgian beers alongside typical Brussels brasserie dishes.

    Café Métropole

    Kaki. Cake Bar

    Kaki is Brussels' first Asian cake shop. Located in Saint-Gilles, it is run by Gwen, who opened the patisserie following the experience of a lifetime in Thailand. Kaki comes from 'Kakinang', meaning 'one of our own' in the Teo-Chew dialect, whether denoting a family member or someone close to you. Gwen's speciality is the Ka Bao, a pastry combining the Chinese roll cake and the Taiwanese bao buns. The pastry chef prepares this delicacy using Genoise sponge cake and cream in a variety of flavours, including fresh mango, passion fruit, grated coconut, matcha and azuki, and raspberries and speculoos. All this can be enjoyed with signature drinks, such as a Ca Phe Phin (a Vietnamese-style coffee) or a Hojicha Latte. Come and treat yourself to a slice of roll cake, chiffon cake or Japanese cheesecake.

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    La petite parisienne

    The petite parisienne tearoom is Brussels' first certified organic patisserie. It is run by Katia, the petite Parisienne herself. Having trained in Paris, she runs the business alongside old colleagues Chloé, Santiago and Sonia. Their approach is to swap out sugar for more intense flavours. Their gourmet treats are prepared using local ingredients, changing both with the seasons and according to their inspiration at the time. No dyes are used either, only natural colours. The patisserie’s open kitchen allows customers to witness Katia and the team preparing their desserts on site, which is sure to whet the appetite. Their specialities include lemon curd tart, Black Forest gateau, Paris-Brest, mille-feuilles, fruit-topped amandines, etc. These tasty treats are guaranteed to provide that perfect moment of indulgence! See you in Saint-Gilles!

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    Boentje Café

    A ‘boentje’ is a Brussels expression denoting a pronounced feeling of infatuation. This feeling best characterises founders Victoria and Sandrine’s affinity for local produce, with the hope that this is conveyed through their café and eatery. Boentje Café, a 'Good Food Resto' establishment, is a zero-waste coffee shop located in Schaerbeek. It uses reusable containers and cups, stainless steel straws, cloth napkins, waste recycling, second-hand and recycled decorations, etc. It promotes a circular economy, showcasing local produce and providing workshops to familiarise visitors with this philosophy. Their food is inspired by classic Belgian homemade recipes, reimagining them using local and seasonal ingredients. Carrot cake, chocolate fondant, caramel, chocolate and peanut cookies... All are served with Brussels-roasted fair trade coffee, infusions made from plants grown within the capital or hot chocolate made with milk produced by a farm in Hainaut. Stop by Boentje for a quick bite, and let the two managers share their love of local produce through their recipes.

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