Tram 44: heritage and nature, from Cinquantenaire Park to Tervuren Park

Tram 44: heritage and nature, from Cinquantenaire Park to Tervuren Park

Line 44 takes you from the heart of the city along the very chic avenue de Tervuren, built under Leopold II.

 Did you know that aside from the famous Stoclet Palace there are some very beautiful, more discreet residences? And that after travelling along the elegant avenues, the tram crosses through the Sonian Forest to the brand new AfricaMuseum, in the heart of Tervuren Park? This is the ideal tram route for culture and nature lovers! 

  • The House of Baron Emmanuel Coppens: Stop Montgomery 

    Maison du Baron Emmanuel Coppens

    146 avenue de Tervuren, 1150 Brussels  

    Before boarding tram 44 for your journey to Tervuren, take the time to admire the house of Baron Coppens. This beautiful 1907 bourgeois building in the neoclassical style, already has elements of the Art Nouveau style which was beginning to flourish in the Belgian capital.  

    Private residence: Stop Léopold II

    Maison particulière

    256 avenue de Tervuren, 1150 Brussels  

    Just after the Leopold II stop on avenue de Tervuren, turn your head for a moment to discover another classic residence to your left at number 256. Don't miss its beautiful light-coloured facade made of Gobertange stone, lovingly crafted by the best stonemasons in the country. 

    In addition to bourgeois houses and mansions, a host of embassies have been set up along the prestigious avenue de Tervuren, some of which are well worth a closer look: 

    Embassy of Tunisia: Stop Jules César – Julius Cesar

    Ambassade de Tunisie

    Avenue de Tervuren, 1150 Brussels

    Tunisia has a keen self-deprecating sense of humour: it set up its embassy just opposite the avenue named after the famous Roman emperor who once defeated Tunisian troops in battle.   
    The two elegant semi-detached villas at 278 and 280 have been transformed into this spacious and elegant embassy.  

    Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan: Stop Jules César – Julius Cesar

    Ambassade d’Azerbaïdjan

    282 – 284 avenue de Tervuren, 1150 Brussels 

    The Azerbaijani embassy may be the Tunisian embassy's neighbour, but it appears to be from another planet! From the mansard roof to the mirrors on the facade, via the canopy disguised as a monumental work of art, one does not know where to look first.  
    This incredible building, which was originally the Polish embassy, is the work of a duo of architects, one Belgian and the other Polish, who really know how to treat our eyes.   

    Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria: Stop Jules César – Julius Cesar

    Ambassade du Nigéria

    288 avenue de Tervuren, 1150 Brussels  

    To conclude this little tour of the embassies, take one more look at a little jewel of "French-style" architecture. Just a stone's throw from the extravagant Azerbaijani embassy, Nigeria has chosen this small palace, nestled in a private garden, which is inspired as much by the facades of the Old Louvre as by the Tuileries Palace!   

    AfricaMuseum: Stop Tervuren Station (terminus)  

    AfricaMuseum de Tervuren

    Leuvensesteenweg 13, 3080 Tervuren  

    After your nature stroll through the Sonian Forest, you arrive at the terminus. Take the opportunity to plunge into the heart of Central Africa and the Congo at the AfricaMuseum.

    This museum - one of the most impressive in the world - has lived many different lives: The Belgian colonial showcase built by Leopold II has become, 100 years later, an ultra-contemporary museum that offers a decolonised view of Africa through a breathtaking interactive visit.

    Palace of Colonies: Stop Tervuren Station 

    Palais des Colonies

    Leuvensesteenweg 13, 3080 Tervuren  

    Tervuren's Palace of the Colonies bears its name well, as it was the colonial pavilion at the Brussels World Fair of 1897, for which the number 44 tram line was specially built.  
    Built in a Petit Trianon-style, this elegant palace resembles the famous Palace of Versailles! When the Exhibition was over, Leopold II made it the very first museum of the Congo, which soon became too small given the size of the collections. Today it once again plays hosts to the numerous exclusive events that are organised within its grand walls. 

    Tervuren Park: Stop Tervuren Station (terminus)   

    Parc de Tervuren

    How about a breath of fresh air in the Tervuren Park before taking the number 44 tram back to the capital? There are no longer any traces of the Congolese village that was set up for the Universal Exhibition, but you will fall in love with the park's stunning natural assets: French and other, very British gardens, the coolness of the many ponds, the wooded paths with remarkable trees... In the autumn, it's a real festival of colour!  


    This architectural stroll was developed thanks to the work of students from the ULB’s La Cambre Horta faculty of architecture during the 2018 – 2019 academic year