Brussels parks and their outdoor bars

Brussels parks and their outdoor bars

You were just lying in a park, enjoying the sun… until suddenly: you’re parched with thirst! Now what? Luckily, we have listed all the outdoor bars in Brussels just for you. Fight your body’s dehydration in style, and make yourself comfortable in the park.

  • Seven parks, seven ‘guinguettes’

    Good news! As in previous years, Environment Brussels is equipping seven parks with a ‘guinguette’ (French for summer bar). This year, too, you can order a drink and a bite at, among others, Maurice’s bar in the Parc du Cinquantenaire or André’s bar in Parc de Laeken. Maurice? André? You read that right. Each guinguette bears a name that refers to the park in which it is located. In addition to Maurice and André, you also have Emile in Duden Park, Henri in Georges-Henri Park, Gisèle in Abbaye de la Cambre, Fabiola – of course – in King Baudouin Park, and Jeanne in the Red Cloister. 

    Opening dates: André & Fabiola 01/05 - 26/09, Gisèle 04/06 - 04/09, Emile 06/05 - 26/09, Maurice & Henri 08/05 - 26/09, Jeanne 14/05 - 26/09

    Bar André

  • Kiosk Radio Bar – Parc de Bruxelles 

    Music, another thing that can make a sunny day even sunnier. And that’s the speciality of Outdoor bar Radio in the Parc de Bruxelles! Have a drink there while the crème de la crème of the alternative music scene is playing their best records. Or vice versa: while looking for refreshment, you unexpectedly make the musical discovery of the year. It’s all possible!

  • Woodpecker – Bois de la Chambre 

    After a pleasant walk in the Bois de la Chambre, you can regain your strength at the Woodpecker outdoor bar. The menu offers salads, burgers, waffles, home-made lemonades, local beers… In short, the ideal place for nature lovers and dog owners – because four-legged friends are also spoiled here. 

  • Guinguette Populeir – Parc Josaphat

    Whether you are a Brusseleir or not, you don’t have to be hungry in Parc Josaphat; au contraire. Healthy and refined sandwiches, salads, piadina, focaccia… An outdoor bar could be ‘populeir’ for much less! 

  • Woodpecker – Parc de Bruxelles

    The Woodpecker outdoor bar in the Parc de Bruxelles also provides ambience and cosiness! The menu is full of local specialities. Among other things, you can order an ice cream from the Brussels ice cream parlour Gaston, a coffee from the Brussels brand Velvet, and a beer from the Brussels Brasserie de la Senne. And when your inner self has been fortified, you can try a game of pétanque, mölkky, kubb, or badminton in the park. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

  • Parckfarm Cafeteria – Tour & Taxis Park

    Parckfarm is more than just an outdoor bar. It is primarily an organisation that promotes and supports ecological, social, and cultural neighbourhood initiatives in the park. As from 16 April, you can visit their glass ‘farmhouse’ on Wednesdays and weekends for refreshing drinks and a healthy lunch. 

  • La Laiterie – Parc Josaphat 

    Whoever goes to Parc Josaphat has double the fun. Because not only is Guinguette Populeir there, but so is La Laiterie. Like its park companion, the menu here also features tasty, organic, and home-made products. With a bit of luck, you may even be treated to a jazz concert during your lunch.

  • Snacking in the Wolvendael Park 

    A visit to the Wolvendael Park in Uccle isn’t complete without an obligatory stop at Guinguette du Wolvendael. The menu lets you know that the Woodpecker team is at the helm. Just like in Bois de la Chambre or in Parc de Bruxelles, no one will be left hungry here.

  • An overview of all the outdoor bars…  


    • Parc de Bruxelles: Radio Bar outdoor bar
    • Parc du Cinquantenaire: Bar Maurice


    • Tour & Taxis Park: Parckfarm
    • Parc de Laeken: Bar André

    Forest Park 

    • Parc Duden: Bar Emile 


    • Parc Josaphat: Guinguette Populeir 
    • Parc Josaphat: La Laiterie


    • Wolvendael Park: Guinguette du Wolvendael


    • Bois de la Chambre: Woodpecker
    • Abbaye de la Cambre: Bar Gisèle
    • Place Flagey: Coucou Brussels


    • King Baudouin Park: Bar Fabiola 


    • Red Cloister: Bar Jeanne