Brussels gives priority to greener mobility

Brussels gives priority to greener mobility

Recent events have given everyone the opportunity to rethink how they move around the Belgian capital. There is a desire to give priority to greener modes of transport in order to build a healthier city and improve our quality of life.

It’s often said that Brussels is a village shaped by neighbourhoods with very specific atmospheres. Moving around the city by bike is the best way to travel the capital’s alleyways and get a sense of its multiple identities.


  • Dedicated pedestrian and cycle zones

    Since March 2020, more than 40 km of temporary infrastructure has been set up in the Brussels-Capital Region to promote greener modes of transport and improve the safety of vulnerable road users.

    To make it easier to respect social distancing rules, the centre of Brussels has been declared a residential area. Vehicle speeds are limited to 20km/h in order to ensure the safety of cyclists and respect the right of way for pedestrians. Pedestrians can now use the entire width of the public road (and no longer just the pavements).

    Parking your car free of charge and continuing your journey by bike

    A Park + Bike solution invites commuters to park their cars free of charge (or almost free) in various car parks and continue their journey to the centre of Brussels by bike. There are Villo! Stations close to each car park. Dott scooters and electric Billy Bikes are also available close to some car parks. 

    Bike For Brussels helps you travel around the capital

    Are you tempted to switch to a bike when travelling around Brussels? If so, the Bike for Brussels website is an excellent companion. In addition to route suggestions adapted to your situation, Bike for Brussels also tells you about repair sites, best practices for cycling in Brussels and where to park your bike.

    Take the leap! Brussels has everything you need to make travelling around the city greener and more enjoyable.