Call for projects Bright

Bright Brussels, Festival of Light, is an event organised by, the Brussels Tourism Agency, on the initiative of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

It is an illuminations event intended for Brussels residents and visitors from Belgium and abroad, and is free-of-charge. The 2018 edition of Bright Brussels, Festival of Light will be the third major illuminations event organised in Brussels following the previous editions in 2013 and 2017. Bright Brussels, Festival of Light is now an annual event, and we have ambitious plans for both this forthcoming edition, and subsequent editions.

It is for all these reasons that we are soliciting your creativity. All profiles are welcome: lighting designers, architects, designers and artists from all fields and discipl ines, but, in general, all curious people who wish to contribute to the successful elaboration of this event. If your idea is good, we will analyse your proposal in detail and present it to the jury for deliberation

Call for projects Bright 2018 (.pdf file)

Download the technical specifications of each Bright 2018 project (.zip format)

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Site 1 and 9 are not included in this call for projects