Changes announced in the law landscape for associations in Belgium

Announced by end of last year and confirmed at the beginning of 2018 a modernisation of the Belgian legislation for business and entrepreneurial activities will also encompass items related to associations’ setup and management.

The foreseen changes evolve around the following major axes:

  • A merger into one of the companies and associations law
  • The ease of undertaking of economic activities also by associations
  • The application of the insolvency law also to associations

Observations from the international associations sector have been shared with the Ministry of Justice by the Federation of European and International Associations in Belgium – FAIB.

The parliamentary debate is foreseen to start in spring and be finalized before the end of the year. The aim is for the new code to come into force in 2019. Companies, associations and foundations will benefit from a transitional period to adapt to the new rules.

More information will follow in the coming months thanks to updates provided by partners.