Chips stands Brusselicious

Something for your bucket list if you’ve never done it before: tucking into a portion of chips as you take a stroll through Brussels. Forget “potato wedges” or “French fries”, they’re poor imitations of the original Belgian chips: the popular snack and comfort food, which has been around since long before hip food trucks started to appear in the city, can be bought in chip shops, stalls and vans. There’s nothing more Belgian than a cornet or box of the golden fried batons. Purists bicker about the correct potato varieties and cooking temperatures, but for your average punter, the end product – a delicious portion of chips – is all that matters! The Brusselicious label guarantees that an establishment serves freshly cut chips that are perfectly fried in beef or horse fat and served with home-made sauces.

Here you can find the chip shops and vans that hold the Brusselicious quality label:     

Maison Antoine

Place Jourdan / Jourdanplein 1, 1040 BRU


Friterie de la Barrière

Avenue du Parc / Parklaan 5, 1060 BRU

Friterie du Bourdon

Chaussée d’Alsemberg / Alsembergsesteenweg 1155, 1180 BRU

Friture de La Chapelle

Place de la chapelle / Kapelleplein, 1000 BRU


Place St Job / St. Jobsplein 40, 1180 BRU


Place Flagey / Flageyplein, 1050 BRU

Friterie Houba

Avenue Houba de Strooper / Houba de Strooperlaan 13, 1020 BRU

Friterie du Miroir

Place Reine Astrid 1 / Koningin Astridplein, 1090 BRU

Friterie Saint-Josse

Place Saint-Josse / Sint-Joostplein, 1210 BRU

Friterie Tabora

Rue de Tabora / Taborastraat 2, 1000 BRU

Le Tram de Boitsfort

Place Payfa / Payfaplein, 1170 BRU

Friterie Vandervaeren – Delforge

Boulevard du Centenaire / Eeuwfeestlaan, 1020 BRU