Coffee O’clock! 5 Cosy Coffee Bars

Coffee O’clock! 5 Cosy Coffee Bars

Listen up, coffee lovers! Do you crave some black gold? Good news: there is coffee for everyone’s taste in Brussels.

Our city boasts loads of trendy coffee bars, with offerings for both true connoisseurs and casual sippers. These cosy places are a safe bet for an exhilarating caffeine boost!  

  • MOK 

    Do you dream of chatting for hours in a fantastic setting, or sitting quietly with your laptop or the newspaper? Come to MOK for coffee among the hanging plants, in a spotless interior of wood, concrete and old tiles.

    This coffee roasting micro-company aims to please both coffee snobs and folks who just like a good cuppa. So as well as serving its own coffees, it has vegan dishes to tempt your taste buds. Even sworn carnivores love to get lunch here: that’s how delicious it is. Not a coffee drinker? Quench your thirst at MOK with homemade lemonade, a blissful blend of tea or the astonishing coffee beer, MOK Ale.


    Since 2015, Moka has proclaimed to serve the best coffee in town: espresso, americano, cappuccino …

    They’ve got it all, slowly dripping from their retro Faema E61 from way back when (well, from 1964 to be exact). There’s also tea, milk, fizzy drinks, wine and beer from Brussels-based brewery iLLeGaaL. Want more? The carrot cake will make anyone’s mouth water! In the background: jazz, soul, R & B and 100% true vintage. The ideal tunes to make you linger a little while longer.

    Café du Sablon 

    Café du Sablon is the little sibling of Café de la Presse. What they both have in common: a cosy atmosphere, exquisite coffee, homemade sweet and salty bites, international magazines to thumb through, and free WiFi.

    At Café du Sablon, at the Petit Sablon square, you can also enjoy slow coffee. Drip, drip, drip, ... definitely the best to sip! How? Not only do you get to choose your favourite blend, but also the way it is made: in the Aeropress, the Chemex, the Syphon Cona or the V60.

    OR Espresso Bar 

    OR Espresso Bar is a part of OR Coffee Roasters, a micro roastery in Wetteren with a training centre and four coffee bars (two in Brussels and two in Ghent).

    They consider coffee, coffee roasting and coffee brewing as a true craft. They travel the world for the very best beans and they only work with local farmers. The result? Original blends in original bars, like the one in Rue A. Orts, N° 9 in the heart of Brussels and this one in Etterbeek. Locals, freelancers and tourists alike come here to enjoy a jet-black espresso or one of many other great coffee-based (or tea-based) beverages. Visitors who are feeling a little peckish can nibble on a bagel, a slice of pie or cake.

    Belga & Co 

    Located in two old buildings in the Brussels districts of Bailli and Saint-Boniface, Belga & Co caters for lovers of delicious homemade roasted coffee. The baristas are also experts at making Chemex, cold brew and matcha latte. Enjoy both the locations and the coffee in the relaxed atmosphere of these working cafés.

    The natural light from the garden contrasts with the intimate character of these spaces, subtly decorated with vintage furniture. High ceilings, soft lighting and warm colours contribute to the success of these cafés, where regular customers come to relax, have a chat or do some work.