Comic strip bookstores and pop-culture shops in Brussels

Comic strip bookstores and pop-culture shops in Brussels

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, it is also the capital of comic strips. The Brussels-Capital Region has the highest number of specialised comic strip bookshops per m². That makes our capital unique in the world! And you can also discover the countless comic strip walls, the Belgian Comic Strip Museum and the Moof! In short: the comic strip is still deeply rooted in Belgian culture.

You'll find a comic strip shop in just about every quarter of Brussels. Some organise exhibitions, others hold signing sessions or sell collector's items. Are you in the mood for a comic strip, or do you want to give one as a present? Be sure to pay a visit (virtual or otherwise) to the shops listed in this article. The owners, undisputed experts in their field, will be pleased to assist you!

  • Comic strips in every language

    Comic strips can be found all over the world, and Belgium is a major exporter. Did you know that The Adventures of Tintin are read in over 100 languages? In the speciality stores below you will find comic strips in French, Dutch, English, Spanish and more. And once again: if you are looking for something special, ask the store owner beforehand.  

    Themed shops

    Tintin and The Smurfs have their origins in Brussels. So it makes sense that there are two shops dedicated exclusively to these comic book heroes. Looking for a typical Brussels souvenir? You are bound to find something in these two shops.

    Pop- & geek culture

    The Belgian comic strip is gradually giving way to other art forms, such as Manga and the American comic. The stores below specialise in Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Harry Potter, and so on. In addition to the comic strips and graphic novels, you'll also find a lot of gadgets and collectables, which are at least as impressive!

    The Dutch-language comic strip

    Expo 59 may still be known to comic strip fans as Het B-gevaar, the former name of the shop and also a title from the comic series Nero. This specialised shop is the only Dutch-language comic strip shop in Brussels. The owner knows all the ins and outs of his business, and will assist you in the search for your new, favourite comic strip.

    French-speaking examples

    In Belgium, the biggest part of the professional comic strip sector is French-speaking (publishers, authors, etc.). Brussels bookshops therefore have shelves full of French-language comic strips. However, it’s always possible to order specific works in another language.