Competition terms and conditions

1. Organisation

The current competition (hereafter “the Competition”) is organised by the non-profit company (hereafter “” or “the ORGANISER", head office of which is established at 1000 Brussels, 2-4 Rue Royale.

It´s expressly mentioned that Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter or any other Social Network are not responsible for the management or promotion of this competition in any way, and are not associated with it. The participant will dissociate Facebook/another website from the organiser and accept that all information received comes from and not Facebook. The personal data submitted during the contest will be used to keep you informed of your participation in this contest. Personal data will only be used for communication purposes if you give your explicit consent in accordance with Article 7 of these rules.

2. Conditions of participation

2.1. Participation in the Competition is exclusively reserved for individual persons aged 18 years and over. 

2.2. Members of staff of the company are not eligible to participate in the Competition. Also not eligible are persons who (i) have any direct or indirect legal ties with the ORGANISER or with any of the companies involved in either the organisation or the distribution of the Competition, and (ii) have a direct association with any of the aforementioned (ascending line of parentage or descending line of offspring, spouses, cohabiting partners, brothers and sisters).

2.3. Only one participation per person is permitted. Any participant who attempts to participate numerous times by using several email addresses or different identities, or any other means that aims to participate more than once, will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

3. Accessibility and duration

The competition is accessible on Facebook via’ official page: from 1rst june until 14th  june.

4. Terms of participation

4.1. In order to participate, the participant must:

  • Register on the Facebook page via a form and indicate an email address. The participation is only valid if all the data requested are correctly completed;
  • Answer the specific question of the competition, as well as the subsidiary question;
  • Accept our data protection conditions

The winners will be those who have correctly answered the question and whose answer to the subsidiary question is closest to, and inferior to, the exact answer. In the event of a tie, the winners will be decided by random draw made by Manon Boetman, Product Expert Heritage.

4.2. The process of determining the winners will take place within 3 calendar days of the closing date of the competition. The winners will be informed of their win by email sent exclusively by within 3 days of the competition closing date.

In the event of a tie, the winners will be decided by means of a random draw. The draw will be carried out by Ms. Sophie Bouchard in her capacity as Heritage Manager at

Winners who do not claim their prize within 5 calendar days of receipt of this email, cannot, once this period has expired, claim their prize.

The prizes claimed will be sent by email to the winners at the Organiser's expense. Unclaimed prizes will not be redistributed to participants.

4.3. Participants who do not win a prize will not be notified by the ORGANISER.

4.4. The ORGANISER reserves the right to publish the full names of the winners and a list of prizes received on and on our social media network without the winners deriving any further rights other than the receipt of their prizes.

5. Prizes

5.1. The organiser will award one prize per winner to 14 winners.

  • Each prize consists of the following: 2 Brussels Card with STIB transport card.

5.2. A maximum prize is awarded per participant and per household. If several participants from the same household are winners, the winner of the biggest prize will keep his/her prize, the other participants will not be entitled to any prize.

5.2. Prizes won cannot be returned or exchanged.

5.3. The organiser reserves the right to change the prizes of the competition at its sole discretion but for a similar value. The organiser makes no guarantee, explicit or implied, as to the nature, quality or adequacy of the prize for a particular purpose.

6. Responsibility of the ORGANISER

6.1. The organiser reserves the right to modify the organisation of the competition, to suspend it or to end it at any time and without prior notice in the event of force majeure or any exceptional circumstances beyond its control, such as an Internet malfunction, or any other problem with connections to telecommunication networks, computers, Internet providers and servers, and this without giving rise to any claim of any nature from the participants or any other person.

6.2. Unless due to professional or intentional misconduct, neither the organiser nor its staff, nor third parties called upon in connection with the competition can be held responsible for possible damages of any nature whether occurring during participation in the competition or resulting from the organisation of the competition, the designation of winners, or the attribution or non-attribution of prizes. Nor can they be held responsible for alterations, suspensions or cancellations in relation to the previous point.

6.3. The organiser cannot, in any way, be held responsible for the incorrect or unclear entry of data supplied by participants, leading to an erroneous or unknown email or postal address, or telephone number of any participant.

7. Personal Data 

7.1. The organiser will handle the personal data collected during this campaign pursuant to the Act of 20 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communication.

7.2. The personal data of participants is processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the processing of personal data. free circulation of these data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation), for the purposes of the smooth running of the campaign, and in particular in order to get in touch with the participants. They may also be included in a database for reuse for commercial and advertising purposes by partners or third parties involved in the campaign or by the organiser themself.

7.3. Participants have a right to access and edit the personal data, and have the right to oppose the use of their personal data for purposes such as direct marketing. To do so, they simply need to send a letter to the following address: rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels, or send an email to:, along with a copy of their identity card attached.

7.4. The organisers will take all the necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of the data. By confirming the transmission of their data, participants recognise that the transmission of data online is never entirely risk-free.

8. Request for information

8.1. All complaints, claims or requests for information concerning the Competition must be addressed by email to Miss Sophie Bouchard as Heritage Manager ( will, when possible, do its best to reply to such complaints and/or remarks. The absence of response can in no way be considered as agreement by the organiser with what has been written.

8.2. The organiser will not respond to any request by telephone concerning the competition.

9. Adherence to regulations

9.1. The act of participating in the competition implies full and total acceptance of these regulations.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Parties shall endeavour to resolve amicably any dispute to which these Rules may give rise, in particular concerning their validity, interpretation, execution or termination.

The current regulations and their interpretation are governed by Belgian law.

Parties shall endeavour to resolve amicably any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or execution of the convention. Failing this, any dispute arising out of or relating to the interpretation or execution of this convention and which cannot be settled amicably by the parties, shall be settled by an arbitral tribunal composed of an arbitrator. The arbitrator shall be appointed (i) by mutual consent of the parties within 10 (ten) days of the start of the procedure (ii) or by CEPANI (the Belgian Arbitration and Mediation Centre) in case of absence by mutual consent after the end of the 10 (ten) day period mentioned above. The referee will rule in accordance with Belgian law, the procedure will be held in French. The expenses of the arbitration and expertise will be borne by the losing party, and in case of difficulty of application, distributed among the parties in the proportion to be arbitrated by the arbitrator.

11. Miscellaneous

In the event that one of the clauses of the current regulations is considered null and void, all remaining terms and conditions will remain in force.