Get support from for your event in 2022

Get support from for your event in 2022

Every year, some 23,000 cultural and tourist events shape the creative activities of our capital and raise its profile nationally and internationally. This rich and diversified offer plays a fundamental role for the region, its inhabitants and visitors from Belgium and abroad.  

As an organiser of cultural and tourist events, you are part of Brussels' DNA. To support the visibility of your event, will be launching several competitions throughout 2022 which will promote the Brussels-Capital Region's cultural and event offering during the year.  

The total investment in the winners of these competitions amounts to more than €300,000. These competitions will aim to support the promotion of your events and the winners will be offered a two-week street light banner campaign in Brussels or two half-pages in the Brussels weekly magazine BRUZZ. 


    Would you like to participate in the competition?

    Here is the call for applications open to events that are likely to attract a minimum of 1,000 visitors and that take place between 1/07/2022 and 31/12/2022.


    Deadline for submission of applications: 16th of May 2022


    What are the prizes?

    The first 20 winners will receive (free of charge):

    • A two-week street light banner campaign of 50 banners installed in various locations in the Brussels-Capital Region. The campaign is worth €6,000.

    The following 10 winners will receive (free of charge):

    • An advertising campaign in the Brussels weekly magazine BRUZZ. This trilingual magazine is read by more than 113,000 readers every month. The campaign is worth €3,840 and consist of two half-page spreads over a period of one week.

    You are eligible for this competition:

    • If you are a natural or legal person, an organisation and/or a cultural operator (ex: theatre, museum, art centre, cinema, heritage...), and/or an event organiser (ex: festival, fair, route, animation, thematic event)...
    • If you have various target audiences that form the major foundations of the cultural, tourist and event offer: comics, pop culture and street art, heritage, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, music and jazz, contemporary art and design, performing arts, urban arts, live art, cinema, sports, folklore, gastronomy, city life, …
    • If your event
      • Is being held in the Brussels-Capital Region
      • Is likely to attract a minimum of 1,000 visitors
      • Takes place from 1/07/2022 to 31/12/2022

    Selection of candidates and criteria

    An independent jury of professionals will analyse each entry against four evaluation criteria. The jury will select up to 30 winners who will be notified at the end of May 2022.

    Find the evaluation criteria and the competition rules here.

    How can you submit your application?

    As is legally obliged to respect public procurement regulations, the submission of an application can only be done on, the official portal for public procurement.

    Here is the link to the mandatory procedure for submitting your application.

    Please note: Follow the correct procedure described on Do not forget to sign electronically your application on the same platform at the end of the application procedure, otherwise your application will be rejected.

    For your convenience, you will find a document explaining the different steps of the submission procedure in French or in Dutch.


    Still have questions?

    Questions should be put in writing via the available forum on the platform

    Is your event eligible?

    THEN SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION before 16/05/2022

    Stay informed of future competitions

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