Contemporary Art in Brussels: major events in 2021

Contemporary Art in Brussels: major events in 2021

From internationally renowned fairs such as BRAFA and Art Brussels, to alternative fairs such as the Accessible Art Fair, Brussels is "the place to be" to keep your finger on the pulse of current trends and creations.

Throughout the year there are countless exhibitions and other events organised that offer you shots of creativity. Not to mention the countless museums, art galleries and contemporary art hotspots that make Brussels a gold mine for art lovers.

Due to the health measures in place, 2021 will be a special year. The usual calendar of events is likely to be somewhat disrupted. Discover all the cultural events by browsing the calendar below. For information updated daily, visit and NECA!

  • January

  • BRAFA Art Fair - 27 > 31/01/2021

    The BRAFA Art Fair in Brussels has been one of the world’s most prestigious art and antiques fairs since 1956. The first large art event of the year takes place in the jewel of industrial architecture that is Tour & Taxis. Genres and pieces from antiquity to the present day are all under one roof to the delight of visitors who have travelled from all over the globe to experience this unique plunge into the art world.

    This year, Brafa will take place online and in the galleries to respect the health measures in place. This hybrid edition will enable all to enjoy this major annual event.

    PhotoBrussels Festival - 21/01 > 27/03

    Nestled in the trendy Châtelain neighbourhood of Brussels, the PhotoBrussels Festival is an annual event dedicated to art photography around a meaningful central theme. The exhibition of museum-quality photographs also offers conferences and workshops with big-name guests from the industry. The event, which takes place in an atmosphere of discovery and encounters, is a must for amateurs and collectors.

    This 5th edition will be dedicated to 2020 and its peculiarities: 420 artists confined in Europe answered the "Call for European Photographers" launched during the lockdown (March - June 2020). Each artist selected presents his or her vision of the "interior world", thus shattering the difficult world of confinement.

  • February

  • BILY (Brussels I Love You) Contemporary Art Walk - 06/02 > 13/02

    BILY is a contemporary art walk that takes you to discover the trendy neighbourhoods of Ixelles and Saint-Gilles from an artistic viewpoint. The route includes visits of art galleries, institutions, auction houses, exhibition spaces, artists’ workshops… a host of venues that contribute to Brussels’ creative force.

    Art Truc Troc - TBC

    In Brussels for a whole weekend, Art Truc Troc hosts more than a hundred artists who present their work to visitors, who in turn can offer to trade their favourite pieces for anything they think the artist might like: an object, a service, a material, a trip. Money never changes hands and plays no part in the transactions, being replaced by trades. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings, engravings, installations, graffiti art, live paintings, etc. It’s also a chance to (re)discover what is currently coming out of the contemporary creation scene.

  • March

  • Brussels Design Market - 06 & 07/03

    The Brussels Design Market is one of Europe’s most coveted vintage markets. Twice a year (in April and September), more than 7,000 visitors from all over Europe descend on Brussels to unearth furniture, ceramics and glass items, collectors’ pieces, plastic, metal, wooden and Bakelite accessories from the 50s up to the 80s. It’s like stepping into a time machine!

    Affordable Art fair - 18/03 > 21/03

    The Affordable Art Fair is an opportunity to browse – and who knows, maybe fall for – hundreds of inspired and original works to suit all budgets from €60 to €6,000! This affordable fair has become a major event of the Brussels art season and is frequented by both curious visitors and aficionados.

  • April

  • Art Brussels - 22 > 25/04

    Art Brussels is THE contemporary art fair in Brussels. 180 galleries from all four corners of the globe and more than 2,000 artists gather at Tour & Taxis to welcome more than 25,000 visitors from all over the world. Art Brussels is also galleries, exhibitions, debates, etc. It really is an unmissable event for amateurs of contemporary art.

    Partcours – Parkunst – 25/04 > 27/06

    Partcours-Parkunst is a contemporary art biennial event. For several weeks, art invites itself to Woluwe Park, Malou Park and the length of the Promenade Verte. Works are exhibited in public spaces and follow a precise theme, often related to the environment. It's a genuine art walk which evolves with each edition.

  • May 

  • Collectible - 27/05 > 30/05

    COLLECTIBLE is a new fair that is absolutely unique. This inclusive platform is dedicated to contemporary design from 21st century collections and brings together famous international designers and major galleries. They are at the forefront of creation and are selected by a jury of well-respected people from the world of design.

    Kunstenfestivaldesarts - 07/05 > 30/05

    Resolutely urban and cosmopolitan, Kunstenfestivaldesarts is an international festival dedicated to contemporary creation.  Theatre, dance, performances, cinema… a series of performance works and plastic art pieces by Belgian and international artists. It takes place every year over three weeks in around twenty of Brussels’ theatres and art centres, well as in several of the city’s public places.

    In 2021, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts will be favouring performances outdoors and in public spaces, so as to adhere to health measures in force.

  • September​

  • Brussels Gallery Weekend - 09 > 12/09

    Brussels Gallery Weekend celebrates the reopening of contemporary art galleries and non-profit spaces in September. Brussels Gallery Weekend is an opportunity to spend a whole weekend visiting the capital’s various galleries.

    Brussels Design September

    Echoing similar events in Milan, Montreal and Kortrijk, Brussels Design September has become the major date for design lovers. Throughout September Belgian and international designers take over the city with exhibitions, debates, workshops visits, arts & crafts routes, the Brussels Design Market and other markets where you can unearth some gems… you’ll find everything from bargains to fine, top of the range items!

    Art on Paper - 16/09 > 19/09

    Art on Paper will be taking place as part of the Brussels drawing week. It's Brussels’ first fair dedicated to contemporary drawing. It is organised in collaboration with BOZAR and presents 50 personal artists' exhibitions. Original and convivial, Art On Paper charms both connoisseurs and amateurs. The symbiosis between public interest and the tireless passion of gallery owners from Belgium and abroad, both emerging and established, makes this event one of the unmissable dates of the season.

  • October

  • Festival Artonov - 04/10 > 10/10

    Over several days, the Artonov festival celebrates art in all its forms and invites it into Art Nouveau settings. Visual arts, performance arts, fine arts and musical arts meet in some of the capital's architectural gems.

    Europalia: Trains & Tracks – 14/10/2021 > 14/02/2022

    There will be several railway-related birthdays to celebrate in 2021. This means it's the perfect excuse for Europalia to imagine a festival entirely dedicated to the railways and their major themes: Europalia Trains & Tracks. Sustainability, mobility, technology and time will be discussed during exhibitions and events in Brussels and throughout Europe.

    Accessible Art Fair (ACAF) - 14/10 > 17/10

    The Accessible Art Fair (ACAF) breaks down the boundaries between artists and amateurs looking to purchase artworks. Whether the works are by emerging talents or established artists, the selection by a group of experts guarantees the quality of the artworks on offer. This international event offers up convivial encounters and discoveries with the artists, sculptors and designers.

    Brussels street photography festival - à confirmer

    The Brussels Street Photography Festival promotes street photography as a tool for urban research and a form of cultural communication and visual art. Experienced and amateur photographers gather for several days in Brussels around a common passion and share there art with the general public.

    Museum Night Fever - TBC:

    During Museum Night Fever, Brussels museum open their doors to visitors for one night only. From 19:00 to 02:00, more than 27 museums show off the best they have to offer. It makes for a spectacular and innovative programme that combines exhibitions, music, dance, performances, fashion and workshops.