Contemporary Art: Publications

Contemporary Art: Publications

Brussels is brimming with galleries, museums and art venues. We have compiled a list of notable publications which will help you improve your knowledge of Brussels’ art scene.

  • Brussels Art Guide (EN)

    The Brussels Art Guide (BAG) is a compilation of everything you need to know about the contemporary art scene in Brussels. It presents all the places and projects that make Brussels a real crossroads for contemporary art in Europe. To make it much more than a simple list of key addresses, twelve figures who are actively involved in this sector reveal their top tips and their general impression of the region. “Brussels Art Guide: people, places, projects… “, Foundation for the Arts, €15.

    NECA (EN)

    Neca (“New Exhibition of Contemporary Art”) is a quarterly brochure published by the Foundation for the Arts. It lists all the events, exhibitions and private viewings of Brussels’ galleries. It’s available from galleries, a large number of cultural venues and’ tourist information offices. A newsletter announcing private viewings is also sent out every week. 

    BRUSSELS BY DESIGNERS (EN), in collaboration with 4 Brussels creators, has published an original guide for design, styling and aesthetics aficionados. It's a great way to get off the beaten track and discover original and authentic places. The Brussels by Designers guide is on sale for €8.50 at’ tourist information offices and in several Brussels bookshops.


    In addition to its galleries, Brussels also has an endless pool of artists working alone or as groups in studios based across the city. Several of them have joined forces to form collectives which represent Brussels’ emergent art scene. To see the programme of their exhibitions and the schedule of their preview dates, be sure to visit It contains the calendar of exhibitions by these independent artists for each of the next two months. 

    L’art même (FR)

    Edited by the Plastic Arts department of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, quarterly contemporary art revue l’art même has, since its creation in 1998, always promoted exchange between the artistic community and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

    Mu-inthecity (FR)

    Mu-inthecity is a magazine dedicated to visual arts. Museums, art centres, exhibitions, galleries, foundations and the art market are reviewed every day by a team of journalists and columnists with a discerning and critical eye, as well as a sharp and prolific pen. Portraits of artists and other players in the cultural world are also featured. Brussels-based Mu-inthecity covers Belgium and, occasionally, must-see exhibitions and major events abroad.

    Le Salon (FR)

    Le Salon is an online platform aimed at presenting, documenting and reflecting on the Brussels contemporary art scene. Le Salon is a curatorial project initiated by Devrim Bayar and developed in close collaboration with Virginie Devillez and Valerie Verhack, and with the help of Nicolas Jolly.

    Quovadisart (FR)

    Quovadisart is a kind of Michelin guide for exhibitions in Belgium.

    HART (NL)

    Created in 2006, this magazine for contemporary art in Belgium and neighbouring countries, publishes issues with news from world of contemporary visual arts every three weeks.