3 Online beer tastings to take your aperitif to the next level!

3 Online beer tastings to take your aperitif to the next level!

How can you continue to enjoy Belgium’s best beers together when bars and cafes are closed?  

These Brussels beer connoisseurs are happy to share their passion with you from a safe distance and offer online initiatives: let’s have some good old-fashioned fun together while discovering the best that our rich beer culture has to offer. Cheers!

  • A beer box full of local treats! 

    The enthusiastic ladies at Bazaar Trottoir and Brewdelicious join forces for a monthly online beer tasting session (in Dutch) The concept? A 'beer box' with a selection of beers from Brussels breweries such as the En Stoemelings brewery, Brussels Beer Project and No Sience Brasserie will be sent to you beforehand. During the online event (on Zoom) these beers will be tasted and discussed collectively. Which flavours fit together and why? What’s the story behind these breweries? You'll find it all out during Online Brassen in Brussel! The next session will take place on May 24th. 

  • Dive into the history of beer with the Brussels Sewer Museum & L’Echapée Bière 

    We know what you’re thinking: what do beer and sewers have to do with each other? Well, more than you’d think! Beer consist of 85% water. As such, our waterworks have always had a huge impact on brewers and their recipes. Want to know more about this fascinating history that still influences our beer today? Watch the entire webinar (In French) of The Brussels Sewer Museum and L'Echapée Bière on the youtube channel of Brussels Culture

  • Discover new beers! 

    In need of new discoveries in these monotonous times? Out of inspiration? Beer lover Liselot of Belgium Beer Days shows you the way! Not only does she organise free online beer tastings every fortnight on her Facebook page, she also has a blog on her website full of recommendations and fun facts about Trappistes, Triples, Lambics... In short, the perfect place to get inspired before going to the store! 

  • Support your local bar and brewery

    Would you like to support your local bar? Then check out the #Horecacomeback! website! Maybe your favorite bar is among the many bars, restaurants, hôtels… which you can support by buying a voucher. On the 'Café Courage' website you'll find many Brussels bars as well, with the possibility to pre-order beers. 
    Can’t wait? Buy your favorite craft beer directly from the brewery! Most of the Brussels breweries have an online web shop and some even provide home deliveries by bike. Don't know where to get started? Go for a Brussels Discovery Beer Box, a collaboration between 12 Brussels breweries!