Brussels’ inhabitants are mobilising

Brussels’ inhabitants are mobilising

Today, more than ever, solidarity is the order of the day and citizens' initiatives are flourishing all over the world. Brussels is no different.

Help for the homeless, appeals for donations, citizen support, support for the hospitality sector and hospital staff... below you'll find a non-exhaustive list of initiatives to get through the health crisis together.

  • Support platforms

    Give a day (FR-NL-EN)

    Use the “Give a day” platform to discover the different volunteering jobs needed in Brussels during the health crisis.

    Helpper (FR – NL)

    Helpper is a free meeting platform for volunteers to put neighbours in touch with each other efficiently and safely.

    Covid-Solidarity (FR – NL – DE – EN)

    Covid-Solidarity connects volunteers and isolated people. The former buy basic necessities for the latter.

    ULB engagée – Coronasolidarité (FR website, some campaigns are in other languages)

    The Université libre de Bruxelles and its partner Give a Day have created this (French-speaking) platform to facilitate the realisation of solidarity campaigns by the university community.

    Solidare-it (FR – NL – EN)

    A team of volunteers has created the solidare-it platform to allow neighbours to help each other in a simple, fun and confident way.

    Listminut’ (FR – NL)

    ListMinut is a platform allowing volunteers and people in need to help each other. Seamstresses can also offer a helping hand by sewing masks.

    Help for the homeless

    DoucheFLUX (FR – NL – EN)

    DoucheFLUX is a centre whose vocation is to counter the relegation of people in precarious situations. It is one of the few day centres that are still open.

    Calls for donations

    #GrowSolidarity (FR – NL – EN)

    Growfunding has just launched #GrowSolidarity to support initiatives that help others in need of funds in these times of crisis.

    The King Baudouin Foundation (FR – NL – EN)

    Through its website, the King Baudouin Foundation lets you make a donation to the CHU Saint Pierre hospital.

    Help Your Friend (FR)

    Via Help Your Friend, you can act to help the catering sector overcome the crisis by making  donation.

    En Stoemelings Brewery (FR – NL – EN)

    Visit the En Stoemelings online store and not only can you have your favourite Brussels beers delivered to your home, but you can also support various hospitality institutions.

    Les héros d’Iris (FR – NL)

    Through this website, you can support hospital teams, enabling them to improve working conditions and the organisation of care and also to support ongoing and future research on COVID-19 and infectious diseases.

    Horeca Comeback (FR – NL)

    Horeca Comeback lets you buy vouchers to be redeemed at your favourite restaurants, bars or cafés when they reopen.

    Je soutiens mon horeca de quartier (FR – NL)

    Via this platform, you can support an establishment by paying for your next visit in advance

    Support for hospital staff

    Restecheztoi (FR – NL)

    Whether through a message, a drawing, a photo, or a video, communicate your positive energy, your encouragement or your gratitude to those who are fighting tirelessly against COVID-19 via the restecheztoi website.

    8 pm (FR – NL)

    Using the 8 pm app, citizens can offer health care staff a moment's respite by delivering healthy meals cooked by Brussels restaurateurs.

    Support groups on social media

    Spreading solidarity – not the virus (FR – NL – EN)

    This Facebook group brings together useful information and solidarity campaigns in Brussels.

    Solidarité Solidariteit Brussels Bruxelles Coronavirus (FR)

    This group offers possible solutions to the problems that will occur over the next few days and weeks as a result of the various measures taken to combat the epidemic.

    Psychological support

    Everyone OK? (FR – NL – EN)

    Through this website, Elke Van Hoof, a psychologist who specialises in trauma management, helps you manage the crisis. Her goal is to reduce negative emotional reactions to help your body adapt to the new reality.

    Numerous initiatives in one place  (FR – NL – EN)

    This website is a citizens' initiative that brings together the solidarity campaigns that have been taking place since the coronavirus outbreak.