This autumn, Brussels is keeping your kids entertained

This autumn, Brussels is keeping your kids entertained

Autumn in Brussels is a great time for cultural discoveries with the whole family. Whether from the warmth of your living room or on a walk in the park, explore our heritage and marvel at the treasures of our museums.

  • Museums and cultural institutions come to you

    Rediscover Brussels' heritage from your sofa

    Les Classes du Patrimoine et de la Citoyenneté (Heritage and Citizenship classes) offer to help your children discover Brussels' communes. It's an original way to learn more about the capital's rich heritage. has developed pictures of the most emblematic venues from the BANAD festival for your budding artists to colour in! (Re)discover these drawings on their website.

    Cooking workshop (In French and Dutch)

    Eating local and seasonal produce is good for your health and it's good for the environment! So why not try out some new recipes as a family? That’s exactly what Bruxelles-Environnement is trying to promote with its original recipes that use local, seasonal produce.

    Brussels’ museums move into your living room!

    Discover the story of the majestic humpback whale hanging in the museum's entrance hall and then head to the Dinosaur Gallery to marvel at its Iguanodons thanks to the Museum of Natural Sciences’ app. You and your little ones will learn everything there is to know about 6 of the museum’s rare specimens.

    The ADAM Museum offers several original activities for families. It gives you the chance, among other things, to create your own fanzine.

    The Sewer Museum, plonges you into its depths thanks to a virtual visit and podcasts (in French).

    The RMFAB invite themselves into your home and help you escape the isolation! Discover, alone or with the whole family, everything you need for a virtual journey through art history.

    The Wiels also has plenty to keep your kids busy on its Wiels Kids page. You'll find a whole host of artistic activity ideas that you can try at home (colour-in great workst of art, a stop motion film tutorial).

  • The initiatives of Brussels associations

    Create your own animated film

    Direct your own animated film with a camera, a mobile phone and a few pieces of paper thanks to this tutorial from Anima Festival.

    Follow the Filem’On festival online

    From 28/10 to 07/11, follow the Filem’On International Film Festival for Young Audiences online.

    Yoga for the whole family 

    Now's the perfect time to treat the whoe family to a moment of relaxation. Every week, Hynd from Yogindi organises yoga sessions via Zoom for all ages.

  • A walk in one of Brussels’ beautiful natural spaces

    Brussels has more than 8,000 hectares of green spaces, which account for almost half of its territory. So all you have to do is get on your bike or put on your walking shoes and set off with your family to discover Brussels' numerous parks and the Promenade Verte or Green Walk, but remember to keep in mind the social distancing guidelines!

    Educational farms

    Discover the animals at Brussels’ educational farms: Nos Pilifs, Uccle Farm and the Farm of Maximilien Park.