Coronavirus : state of play in Brussels

Last update : 31 March at 3 p.m.

The coronavirus is in the news. As a visitor, we understand that you may have concerns and we would like to inform you in the best way possible. Our team is regularly following the recommendations of the competent authorities regarding the measures to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and informs you through this page.

Below you will find the links to various websites and relevant information sources as well as our own temporary measures and adjustments.

  • 1. Latest information and recommendations in Belgium

    Belgium is in a reinforced phase 2, aiming to contain as much as possible the impact of the virus. The Belgian health authorities and the whole health sector are extremely vigilant and introduce all available measures focusing on public health protection.

    Since 18 March Belgium has put in place various measures. These measures will apply until 19 April. Here you can find an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

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    2. Are you visitors, event attendees and event organisers in Brussels ? 

    For the purpose of ensuring the well-being of the participants and assist in the organisation management, more than ever, our role is to inform you and to help all stakeholders.

    As from 13 March midnight until 19 April the following measures shall be applicable on the Belgian territory:

    Shops, events and entertainment and recreational activities (sports, cultural, folklore, etc.):

    • All these activities are cancelled, regardless of their size and whether they are public or private.
    • Among others, discos, cafés and restaurants are closed;
    • Hotels will remain open, with the exception of their bar and restaurant. Breakfast is served in the room. Some hotels offer room service in the afternoon as well as in the evening. Home delivery allows guests to have services provided to their rooms.
    • Home delivery and drive-in are permitted
    • Food shops and pharmacies remain open as normal (including weekends). Nevertheless, it is recommended for them to enhance the hygiene measures based on the already provided recommendations.

    Tourist information offices

    The tourist information offices in the BIP building and at the Grand-Place will be closed until 19 April 2020. We can be reached by phone, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm, on 02 513 89 40.

    Public transport:

    Public transport operates normally; however it is requested to limit its use to essential journeys. The staggered timetables shall also serve to avoid congestion in public transport.

    In the event of postponement or cancellation, it is recommended to seek professional legal advice, check the general conditions to which you are bound or contact your insurance company.

    Official links

    Resources, webinars and FAQ aimed at event organisers

    3. Are you a partner or active in the Brussels tourism sector?

    Dedicated page to Brussels partners


    Due to the constantly changing situation, we recommend that you check the updates published on the official channels for the latest information.

    Hygiene measures

    We would like to remind you that all basic hygiene measures shall be followed, namely washing your hands with soap, coughing and sneezing into your elbow and avoiding close contact. If you have any concern related to your health, we recommend that you consult your doctor by phone and if you don't have a doctor, please consult