Make room for Brussels comics in your home

Make room for Brussels comics in your home

Whether or not you are a fan of the ninth art, this period is the perfect opportunity to (re)-discover Brussels' rich comic strip heritage.

Virtual visits, readings, family activities, documentaries... You can't go out to get comic books, but they can still come to you.

  • Visit the Belgian Comic Strip Canter from your living room

    It's impossible to talk about comics without mentioning the Belgian Comic Strip Center. This veritable temple to the ninth art is now accessible to visit virtually thanks to Google Street View.

    Need more? 
    Relive some of the museum's major temporary exhibitions thanks to reports by Kaboom (FR): 

    The museum also offers video meetings with authors and reading lists on its social media.

    Play with the Smurfs 

    Who doesn’t know the Smurfs? Created by Pierre Culliford, also known as Peyo, these little blue people were born in Brussels in 1958 and have been entertaining young and old alike ever since.

    Get your printer ready, here are some Smurf activities to keep your little ones busy: 

    Discover Brussels’ comic strip mural route without leaving your sofa

    Did you know that Brussels is the capital city of comic strips? Set off to discover the city’s over 60 comic strip murals by following the route using google maps.  

    Hungry for even more?
    Many Belgian publishers offer free comics and activities for the whole family in French. With, among other things, colouring and cutting workshops and comics to devour without moderation, there's something for everyone.
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    What are Brussels comic strip authors up to at the moment?

    Like you, Brussels’ comic strip authors are at home. But how are they staying busy and making use of their time?