Gradual deconfinement: which hotels are open?

Gradual deconfinement: which hotels are open?

Last update: 08/09/2020

All types of accommodation (hotels, Airbnb, cottages, campsites, etc.) may be opened subject to compliance with the applicable protocols and the rules on social bubbles apply to the number of guests in a residential unit. Any restaurants or bars of these facilities may be opened if the measures provided for the catering (horeca) industry are respected. Night clubs, dance halls, swimming pools, saunas and wellness centres must remain closed for the time being.

We encourage all travellers to stay safe, follow the state of play in Brussels and take precautions.

Statement from the Brussels Hotels Association: 

"The Brussels Hotels Association, together with the local hotel community, is closely monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of all guests, partners and employees.
Hotels are invited to fully implement the World Health Organization's (WHO) standard recommendations in addition to their regular high cleaning standards.
The Brussels Hotels Association continues to inform the local hotel community about the authorities' tightening regulations, with a view to reducing exposure to and transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The safety of our guests, partners and employees comes first."

Given the situation, we encourage you to visit the hotels' websites to get the most up-to-date information.

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