It doesn’t take much to stay healthy and do sport at home. Brussels is leading by example

It doesn’t take much to stay healthy and do sport at home. Brussels is leading by example

To stay in shape and get off the couch, nothing beats a good workout. Yoga, Pilates, cardio... there are lots of great ways to work out at home.

So put on your trainers, pull out your mat, get into position and discover the Brussels initiatives that will make you feel good.

  • Yoga online

    For yoga enthusiasts or those who want to give it a try, several Brussels yoga centres offer free online courses. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the courses offered.

    The Swedish method

    If you're missing the gym, Swedish organisation Friskis&Svettis Brussels offers numerous free training videos. Alone, in pairs or with the whole family, head to their Facebook and YouTube pages and stay in shape!

    Keep moving

    Cycle, run and walk with Keep Moving and support healthcare staff! Connect your mobile phone or sports app to Keep Moving and become part of a free online community. You earn a unique virtual badge for each virtual event you complete. Share it on social media with a caregiver that you hold dear. This activity is available in French and Dutch.

    Train with a Brussels athlete

    There’s no time to rest for Brussels’ elite athletes. Just because group or outdoor training sessions are suspended does not mean that everything grinds to a halt. Brussels' athletes are full of ideas for training at home. Follow them, you won't be disappointed.

    Decathlete Frédéric Xhonneux, offers athletics exercises in French that you can do at home. From high jump to discus, he covers it all!

    French-speaking ultra-triathlete Arnaud de Meester, shows you sessions he uses when preparing for Enduroman.

    A nice breath of fresh air

    If doing sport in your living room isn’t really for you, walking, running and cycling are great ways to get some air and stay fit. To ensure the health and safety of all, please don't forget to carefully follow the rules in place during this period.