Discover the world of Marc Sleen with a visit of his workshop

Discover the world of Marc Sleen with a visit of his workshop Discover the world of Marc Sleen with a visit of his workshop

The Hoeilaart treasure rebuilt to perfection

For the 70th birthday of his famous character Néron, the Marc Sleen Foundation has recreated the workshop of Marc Sleen, beloved artist who was given a knighthood in 1999. His mythical workplace, where he created so many of Néron’s stories, is getting pride of place in the lower levels of the Marc Sleen Museum. Everything has been faithfully recreated; the objects and books are exhibited where they were when the workshop was still at the artist’s home in Hoeilaart. The reconstruction really gives the impression that the master of the ninth art has just popped out for a moment and will walk back in at any minute.

Marc Sleen spent 12 hours a day in his workshop, Saturdays and Sundays included. He dedicated several decades not only to his Néron albums, but to - at one point – as many as 9 different albums simultaneously.  At his home, his workshop looked onto the Sonian Forest and the natural light was perfect for his art.

A veritable treasure trove of curiosities

Marc Sleen surrounded himself with objects that were evidence of his: his many travels (especially in Africa, where he went on 35 safaris), animals (primarily birds), nature, books, art and many more things.

In his workshop, he had an impressive collection of documents, which were an endless source for, among other things, the 217 Néron albums. The objects he surrounded himself with constituted a collection of anecdotal souvenirs and nods to his work, and were what made the work space so warm and welcoming.

The reconstruction is a first in Belgium!

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