Everything you need to know about waffles in Brussels ! 

Everything you need to know about waffles in Brussels ! 

Whatever the season, the streets of Brussels give off an irresistible smell of waffles: waffles from Liège or Brussels, plain or garnished, hot or cold, they delight all gourmands!

Did you know that in Brussels there are not one, but two kinds of waffles? They can be from Brussels or Liège, more often than not they are just called Belgian waffles. They have conquered the hearts and stomachs of people from around the world with their exquisite taste and inimitable smell.

Here are some tips to help you make your choice between these two delicacies!

  • Should I go for a Brussels waffle or a Liège waffle? 

    These two waffles are very different!

    The Brussels waffle is a generous size and rectangular in shape. Light as air, under its crispy exterior and sprinkled with a cloud of icing sugar, it hides an airy and soft centre with a subtle taste.

    The Liège waffle plays the sweet card and plays it proudly. Smaller and more plump, it has caramelized corners and beads of sugar melted into its dough. These nuggets give you a lovely crunch with every bite!  

  • Garnished or plain? 

    It is difficult to resist the countless delicacies that can adorn these waffles: melted chocolate, fresh fruit, whipped cream, ice cream, etc. While our imaginations have no limits, the ultimate treat is probably to taste them plain to appreciate their true flavour. After that, you can spoil yourself! 

  • Waffles as street food… or a gourmet snack

    As for the Liège waffle, follow the intoxicating scents of caramelised sugar to one of the many vans or small shops in Brussels and devour it - still burning hot - freshly wrapped in its paper while continuing your discovery of Brussels.

    The Brussels waffle is a little more refined. In a tray, or on a plate to take away, eat it with your fingers as you wander the streets of Brussels. 

    To enjoy Belgian waffles to the full, visit one of our 3 favourite spots:  

    • Mokafé: This small café nestled in the King's Gallery offers delicious waffles and a coffee for which coffee lovers come from far and wide. 
    • Maison Dandoy: In one of its 2 shops located on the Galerie du Roi and Charles Buls street, this old artisanal biscuit shop also offers a tea room where you can sit down and enjoy a Brussels waffle accompanied by a hot chocolate. 
    • Gaufres & Waffles: The new Brussels spot that offers original Belgian recipes for sweet and savoury waffles! 

     So, still undecided? Don't worry, just taste them both, no one will judge you! 

    Bon appétit!